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Post-420 Retail Analysis: Dispensary Successes and Lessons

April 20, or 420, is a yearly event celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts. For members of the cannabis industry, 420 is a day where businesses...

Wonderbrett x Fred Segal x Fatburger Joint Collab Photo Gallery

Wonderbrett celebrated 4/20 in delicious style with two Los Angeles events that kept up with the brand’s proclivity toward unique flavors and design. The...
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Data Review: U.S. Dispensaries Saw Huge Sales on 420

April 20 is synonymous with the cannabis community, and it should come as no surprise that the famed holiday reaps some of the biggest...
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12 Last-Minute Products to Increase Your 420 Sales

The biggest day in retail is right around the corner with cannabis sales expected to increase by at least 100 percent domestically and 50...

How Retailers & Brands Should Prepare for 420

Halloween has candy, Valentine’s Day has flowers, and Christmas has, well … everything. For cannabis, April 20 (or 420) is the official holiday for...
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Tips for Making the Most of 420

Although cannabis sales typically rise on and around April 20 (colloquially 420), operators need to make sure they are ready to deal with the...

Cannabis and Coronavirus: Industry Efforts Protect the Vulnerable and More

Ed. Note: This story is part of a continuing series about the cannabis industry’s humanitarian efforts during the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic. It was a 4/20...

Virtual 4/20 in 2020: We’re Living the Future of Cannabis Cross-Promotion

Celebrities that get high—they’re just like us. Especially when everyone is hunkered down, practicing “safer at home” protocols in an attempt to #FlattenTheCurve and...
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Trending 420 Memes Light Up the Web

What would 420 be without memes taking over the world (or at least social media)? The funny thing about 420 memes is many of...

Cannabis and Coronavirus: Adapting, Contributing as Global Markets Adjust

LOS ANGELES -- As debate about reopening the U.S. economy intensifies, so does the need for resources in the cannabis industry and other industries,...