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South Tyrol, Italy - May 20 2019: Used Major League Baseball (MLB) Baseball

How to Advertise CBD Products with Major League Baseball

Officials with Major League Baseball (MLB) recently announced they would permit league-approved CBD brands to sponsor teams starting next year. As first reported by...
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Use the Right Technology for Sophisticated Decisioning

Technology can move retail significantly forward when focused in the right direction. Predictive analytics, audience-building, consumer profiling, and advertising attribution all offer sophisticated decisioning to...
Isolated Instagram logo camera icon with like notifications. Free social media app for mobile devices for sharing photos and videos with other people of the network

Instagram vs. Cannabis: Is It Still a War Worth Fighting?

It’s no secret that Instagram has waged war on the cannabis industry. From banned hashtags and safety controls to completely shutting down accounts, the...
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3 Big Marketing Missteps to Avoid in New and Emerging Markets

A patchwork of strict regulations and vague guidelines across North America has created a difficult path for marketers to navigate, one that regularly lands...
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The Inflection Point for Cannabis Brands Is upon Us

On August 3, 2014, cannabis advertising kicked off in the United States in a big way: Leafly ran a full-page ad in The New...
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How Your CBD Marketing Plan Can Cure Advertising Pain Points

In a world where people are increasingly looking for natural remedies to treat their ailments, cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming the go-to choice across numerous...
Tree of Life by Amanda Carden rebranding renewal mg Magazine mgretailer

We Must Rebrand the Cannabis Industry to Achieve Legalization

Despite an increasing number of states legalizing cannabis, the plant retains a misleading and potentially dangerous reputation. The negative history, lingering stigma, and misconceptions...

UK’s First Educational Cannabis Advertising Campaign

LONDON - For the first time ever, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) & Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) has approved an educational cannabis message...

YouTube Changes Monetization Policy, but Will Cannabis Channels Benefit?

SAN BRUNO, Calif. – YouTube was created in 2005 and quickly became ingrained in our culture. It is now the most popular platform to...

What Does Credibility Look Like in 2021?

Recently, well-known publications including Rolling Stone, which has been in print for fifty-three years, have caused quite a stir by offering “thought leaders” the...