6 Marijuana Horticulture Products for August

Gavita Pro 1000 1 clip web
Gavita Pro 1000 1 clip web

Gavita Pro 1000e DE US 277-347

With fixtures that can be controlled centrally by a Gavita master controller, the 1000e replaces installation with contactors and clocks, and adds safety features such as automatic light dimming at high temperatures. The controller allows equipment to be adjusted to 600 watts, 750 watts, 825 watts, or 1,000 watts with 1,150-watt boosted output.



Marijuana Horticulture ProductsThompson Trays

These custom-designed trays are a groovy way to house cannabis oil cartridges, syringes, and more. The trays are available for all variety of personal vaporizer cartridges, standard single-use dabbing syringes, and cannabis capsules. Made in the USA.


Marijuana Horticulture ProductsActive Aqua Chillers

Available in four sizes, Active Aqua chillers are an environmentally safe way to keep hydroponic solutions at the desired temperature in reservoirs. With microcomputer control systems, anti-corrosive titanium evaporators for both fresh and salt water, and LCD displays, the chillers are functionally solid and long-lasting.


Marijuana Horticulture ProductsBotanicare Hortitrellis

Made of plastic, this trellis accommodates many uses, including scrogging, weaving plant branches together, and support stakes without tangling. Available in lengths up to 3,280 feet.



Marijuana Horticulture ProductsClone King 64 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

According to the manufacturer, the 64, which uses an aeroponic method, makes cloning fast and easy. The company also promises roots will appear in as few as three to five days. The system uses no synthetic hormones, nutrients, or compounds.


Marijuana Horticulture ProductsSohum Living Soils (PLEASE MAKE SURE WE USE THIS ONE)

This award-winning soil from Northern Colorado redefines the art of feeding your plants and is one of the most progressive, all-natural, grow solution on the market. This singular bio-dynamic potting mix contains no artificial materials and no mixing. Just add water and you are ready to go!