5 Crazy Cannabis Laws

Cannabis laws can be strange even in legal states. Check out these six laws you may not believe are real.

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shutterstock 334061756 e1517528225259

Nonsensical marijuana laws extend beyond the federal government’s War on Drugs. Below, check out some marijuana laws from U.S. states and around the world that will leave you scratching your head.



Sorry, Nevada, you are not the only state in this boat, but since Las Vegas is such a hotspot for tourism, we are singling you out. Tourists in Sin City now can purchase cannabis in several shops just off of Las Vegas Blvd, but lawmakers have not thought through where people can smoke weed. Hotels, in general, do not permit their guests to smoke anything, much less marijuana. But this is an even greater concern in Las Vegas. Since working closely with federal authorities is of paramount importance when maintaining a casino license, Vegas hotel owners are hesitant to allow tourists to toke in their rooms or at the craps table. Like an illegal cable box, you can buy it, but you can’t use it.


Love getting creative with your shop’s signage? Oregon authorities do not have much tolerance for your innovation. Only Times New Roman and Arial fonts are permitted for dispensary signs. In fact, all signs must use 80-point font. While the rules likely are intended to make the shops uninviting for minors, we question whether kids will stop being tempted to do drugs because a shop’s sign reminds them of term papers.


It’s dark, and you want patients to see your dispensary sign. Normally, you might rely on a sign that lights up after the sun goes down. That won’t work in Connecticut. State law does not permit lighted signs for dispensaries. Hopefully, patients have their flashlights with them.

Washington D.C.

We all have busy schedules, and one-stop shopping makes completing errands easier. If you are looking to fill your car’s tank while you purchase marijuana, then you are out of luck in the U.S. capital. Under D.C. law, marijuana cannot be sold at any business that also sells gasoline or services cars. Guess they’re really serious about the potential for drugged driving.


Ah, Amsterdam. The de-facto marijuana capital of the world has some of the most confusing cannabis laws on the planet. Despite the world-famous “coffee shops,” marijuana is more tolerated than legal in the Netherlands. Simply put, it is illegal to possess marijuana in Amsterdam, but police typically look the other way when it comes to possession of 5 grams or less. Although marijuana coffee shops are technically illegal, they may apply for and receive permits to distribute marijuana that allow them to keep up to 500 grams on hand.


Correction. An earlier version of this post included an incident where an individual was executed in Myanmar for marijuana possession. This was erroneous.