CannaRoyalty Throws DTLA Launch Party for GreenRock Botanicals

GreenRock Botanicals

LOS ANGELES – Ottawa, Canada-based (but California-lovin’) CannaRoyalty rented out what seemed like the entire 18th floor of the downtown Los Angeles boutique Hotel Indigo Saturday night to throw a launch, or relaunch, party for the GreenRock Botanicals brand. Taking place in a massive suite sporting gorgeous views of a sparkling city night, the celebration attracted a mob of beautiful people, civilians and industry types, many of whom were dressed to the teeth and only too happy to pose sexily and publicly for the green-screen photo booth.

A complementary bar served a few select concoctions only, and in the corner a table featured a few nicely arrayed samples of the evening’s featured products, GreenRock’s vape pen, which is currently on the market in limited release and poised for expanded distribution throughout the state, according to Marco Rullo, CannaRoyalty VP of Brand Strategy.


Rullo, who hosted the party along with most of the company’s staff, described the evening as more than a launch party. “I’m glad we had an event that was well-attended, being that it was CannaRoyalty’s first public-facing corporate event, showcasing one of our brands in our home state of California,” he said. “Yeah, we’re out of Canada, but we live and breathe California!”

GreenRock Botanicals vape pen – GG4, 500mg

Making a lifestyle connection was one of the main reasons publicly traded CannaRoyalty wanted consumers at the party in addition to industry folk, said Rullo. “We wanted our core consumer so we could introduce them firsthand to what the brand ethos is, and then also have the opportunity to introduce the brand to industry members, who will be our clients on the b-to-b level,” he added. The company will be scheduling more such events, he said.

So, what is the GreenRock Botanicals ethos? In a crowded market, it’s described as unique and culture-fluid, offering a lifestyle-amenable experience for “canna-curious” consumers.

“A lot of brands are now positioning themselves as effects-based,” explained Rullo. “But GreenRock’s view of cannabis is that whatever it is you are doing, we want to be able to enhance that experience. We don’t want to define what your experience is for you. You know your life, and you know the things you’re passionate about. You know the people you connect with and what you do throughout the day; whether you use cannabis as a creative tool or as a tool for self-transformation or use it to connect with community. Simply being able to provide you with a number of options that will help enhance whatever that experience is—and hence the tagline, ‘fuel your experience’—that’s what we’re going for.”

Currently, cartridges are available in 500mg versions only, featuring four strains: Grape Ape (indica), Pineapple Express (sativa), GG#4 (hybrid), and Platinum Cookies (hybrid). A kit with pen, battery, and cartridge also is available.

Just in time for the holidays, the company plans to release a “robust” one-gram GRB cartridge, sometime “right around the Thanksgiving holiday,” said Rullo, who encouraged retailers to “reach now for pre-orders because these things are expected to go quickly.”

GreenRock Botanicals is distributed in California by RVR Distributing. Retailers should contact RVR directly with wholesale inquiries.