Meet Andrew Mieure of Top Shelf Budtending


Three years ago, Andrew Mieure moved from Ohio to Colorado to seek relief from massive panics attacks and an eating disorder—and cannabis helped solve those problems. He then became a budtender and noticed that some budtenders were not providing proper recommendations or serving their patients with the care and attention that they deserved. A light went off in his head.

“The idea for a freelance budtending service hit me; Top Shelf Budtending’s first event was in January of 2016,” Mieure noted.


Today, Top Shelf offers everything from working bachelor/bachelorette parties to super bowl parties, and even weddings. “Making the choice to have cannabis at your wedding can be a daunting task,” he noted. “So we make it easy.”

What services do you offer?
Joint rolling, cannabis education, cannabis-only cocktails, event planning, consultation and, most importantly, event budtending.

How many weddings have you served?
We have only done a few weddings, but each one is a tricky and rewarding experience. Weddings are a different league of events, as there are all types of guests in the crowd, some that are experienced with cannabis and others not. Eventually, I believe cannabis stations at weddings will be commonplace.

What’s the first reaction you get at events?
The initial reaction is excitement. After the excitement wanes, the guests start asking questions: “Is this legal?” “Are we just allowed to pick something and smoke it right here?” “I haven’t smoked in years. What should I start out with?” We are often the busiest booth at the party.

Courtesy of Top Shelf Budtending

How many events do you attend in a month?
On average, we do four to ten in Colorado alone.

Any that really stand out?
One of my favorites was an event called Divinity Cabaret, which was a gathering that aimed to shine awareness on modern strip club culture and how the environment can be shifted into the realms of divine connection. It was raw, sexy, fun, and full of cannabis, beautiful ladies, and amazing energy.

How many employees do you have?
I have two employees in Colorado and more coming on board as we expand further into California and Nevada.

How do you see Top Shelf Budtending evolving?
In five years, I would love to see Top Shelf in every state that is recreationally legal and maybe even Top Shelf budtenders at permanent establishments like coffee shops, private cannabis venues, and social-use clubs.

Courtesy of Top Shelf Budtending

Who are some of your brand sponsors? Our most notable partner is Willie’s Reserve. They are an amazing company, and we really cherish our relationship with them.

How do people usually hear about you?
Word of mouth and social media.

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