That High Couple Share Their Top YouTube Tips

That High Couple mg magazine
That High Couple mg magazine

What are your tips for creating a successful YouTube channel?
The two most important things for anyone starting out on YouTube (or any platform) are consistency and authenticity. Consistency for us means posting every day on Instagram and weekly on YouTube. It’s important to plan out the content you want to create and recognize big events and trending topics within your industry. The best way to keep up with those is being an active member of the community. In terms of authenticity, everyone’s BS meters nowadays are very finely tuned to people online who are just faking it ’til they make it. You want to be proud of what you’re putting out there. People will vibe off that and share your content with friends and family.

What is your top-performing video?
Our “100mg vs. 1,000mg Edible Challenge” [with 48,000 views]. It’s a great example not only of a topic people are interested in, but a video that’s both entertaining and educational. People want to know what it’s like to consume that much edible, and they can see we’re being totally real in our reaction.


Do you approach brands, or do they come to you?
Thankfully, now that we’re getting into our third year of doing this, brands are reaching out to us. We’re busy coordinating events and things we want to cover. If you build a large enough following, the brands will come to you.

That High Couple, Alice and ClarkNETWORK STATS

271k video views on YouTube

20k followers on Instagram

33% of content is educational


“We love creating content that is aimed at both seasoned veterans and newbies to the whole weed scene.”