10 Products for Cannabis Dab Day on July 10

shutterstock Doug Shutter Dab Day mgRetailer
shutterstock Doug Shutter Dab Day mgRetailer

The cannabis industry is so new, it’s creating its own holidays and special events on the fly, flying high on response from consumers. Market data firm Headset has been keeping tabs on trends and predicts an increase in cannabis concentrates sales for July 10, or “Dab Day,” as some are calling it.

Dab Day is a promotional celebration of cannabis concentrates and extracts, in many forms—though the day was chosen because the numerals 7 and 10, when placed next to each other, look like the word “oil” spelled backwards. Think of it as 4/20 for concentrates and vaping.


According to reports from cannabis market data firm Headset, July 10, 2018 retail dispensary sales increased 10 percent overall, with concentrates and vape pens leading the day, seeing 49 percent and 38 percent sales increases in each category, respectively. In concentrates, live resin saw a significant 30 percent bump, while wax and shatter came in tied with 23 percent sales increase.

Colorado and Washington led sales for the day—Washington literally doubled single-day concentrate sales and Colorado was up 78 percent. The report speculated that because those are the oldest recreational markets, consumers are already familiar with the promotion. That trend should follow suit for other recreational markets, as customers become more familiar with different applications methods and products they enjoy.

It’s a fast-moving market, so here’s a selection of unique products, for every taste and budget:

PHOTO: 710Labs.com.

710 Labs Water Hash – Hashish is the original concentrate made from tasty trichomes that contain precious cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds that deliver cannabis goodness to hash enthusiasts. Using an extraction technique that can include shifting or cold water to isolate the trichomes, which are then worked into a gummy, putty-like texture, often shaped into bricks or temple balls. Hashish has been manufactured in the Middle East for thousands of years and is related to the title of “assassin,” fierce Persian fighters that were said to use hashish. 710 Labs Water Hash has “perfected” their cold-water extraction process to eliminate any trace of plant material, leaving only the juicy trichomes for this clean, clear hash. Available in California and Colorado. 710Labs.com.

PHOTO: Culta.io.

Culta Concentrates – This Maryland-based manufacturer is bringing the oils, waxes, butters, shatter, and various other forms of concentrates to the Northeast, with experienced in-house cultivators and scientists, as well as an extensive seed library. The company lists thirty-seven premium strains on its website, which are raised by-hand at its production facility, and used to create the Culta concentrate menu. The company recently partnered with California cannabis conglomerate Cookies, which should add dozens of premium strains to the roster. Visit Culta’s flagship store in Baltimore, or at Culta.io.


EPC Hashish Temple Balls – In partnership with Nevada’s leading growers, Experience Premium Cannabis, aka EPC Brands, makes these hashish balls for a variety of uses. “Smoke it, dab it, or roll it,” they suggest. The cold-water extraction process for this hash guarantees a concentrate experience that’s full-spectrum and contains solvent-free. EPC Brands concentrates, including hash, are available throughout Nevada. EPCLV.com.

PHOTO: Evolab.com.

Evolab Colors2 Disposable Vape Pen – Available in disposable pens and cartridges, this colorful line confronts one of the biggest concerns for vape enthusiasts, which is taste. The funky, agricultural flavor of cannabis oil extracts might be an acquired taste, but a lot of consumers simply don’t like it. Unlike vaping e-juice that comes in exotic, synthetic-sounding flavors like Unicorn Snot and Galactic Goop, Evolab brings THC-infused vaping all natural, fresh fruit flavors to flavor vapes with tasty terpenes. In Blueberry, Grape Dreams, Strawberry Lemonade, and Sweet Melon. Available in Colorado. Evolab.com.

PHOTO: GPen.com.

Grenco Science G Pen Gio – Of course, to enjoy concentrates, you need good gear. For beginners, dabbing and vaping can be a messy, frustrating process. But the G-Pen Gio is a cost-effective and convenient way to try out different concentrate blends that come in exclusive G-Pen Gio cartridges, with the basic battery unit retailing for $19.95. The company also recently added a cool glass accessory to the Gio line, called the Water Peace Adapter. Basically, the glass water pipe has an plug-in attachment that allows the user to hookup with their G-Pen Gio, and take a water-cooled draw of vapor. Grenco also has several other vaporizer options, for different dabbing materials and budgets. Available online and at retailers. GPen.com.

PHOTO: HarmonyExtracts.com.

Harmony Extracts Sugars – It’s hard to resist something that looks so sweet; the granular consistency and golden color of this sugar style extract is very appealing. “During the extraction process, THC-A forms into crystals surrounded by a layer of terpenes, creating an aromatic and easy-to-use product” Harmony described. THC-A is a compound that converts to THC, once it’s heated–a magical process called decarboxylation, which happens when cannabis and concentrates are smoked or vaped. Harmony also produces shatters, wax, budders, distillate, and their own trademarked Live Nectars. Available in Colorado. HarmonyExtracts.com.

PHOTO: HimalayaVapor.com.

Himalaya Vapor Terpene Sauce Cartridges – Taste, lab testing, and truthful ingredients are trending, especially as cannabis consumers become more aware of their vaping and concentrate options. Himalaya’s .05g and 1g ceramic-cored cartridges work with any standard 510-threaded battery. Pen users who prefer the convenience of pre-filled cartridges can choose from a rotating menu of gourmet, small batch, single strain, high potency oil extracts. The oils retain original terpenes, which Himalaya said is a painstaking process, for an authentic full-spectrum experience. Available in California, and at HimalayaVapor.com.

PHOTO: HoneyOil.co.

Honey Oil™ THC Distillate Dabbers – Eliminate messy spills and stay super chill with these very handy dabber applicators, filled with premium THC distillate and natural terpenes. Potency clocks in at around 85 percent per tube, and makes it really easy to add a little dab to a bowl, the tip of a nail, or even in a fat line down a paper, wrap, or pre-roll, to take things to another level. Honey Oil also offers a Dabber with a potent raw CBD oil-to-THC ratio blend, for those who want to increase the benefits of CBD intake without the high. These Dabbers are scheduled to be available soon, in California. Honey Oil™ CBD products are available online, and at retailers nationwide. HoneyOil.co.

PHOTO: MigVapor.com.

Mig Vapor Trap 450 Thick Oil Vape Mod Kit – For consumers that want to try a customized vape experience without spending a ton of money on an expensive dab rig or handheld unit, this fillable vape pen in a low-cost solution for trying the cannabis oil trend. Priced at $14.95 MSRP, it’s described as a “powerful, miniature 450 Mah oil vape mod and uses the latest technology with temperature regulation, as well as three heat functions and a pre-heat mode.” Designed to be easily refilled from the top, extra glass tanks are also available, and comes with charger in gift box. Mig Vapor also offers all things vapor, including several vaporizer models; find them online for wholesale orders. MigVapor.com.

PHOTO: Nectarbee.com.

Nectarbee Hash Oil Twistspenser – Sticky dab sessions be banished with Nectarbee’s cool Twistspenser concept. One clockwise turn delivers an even, easy-to-apply dab of hash oil, for simplified smoking enjoyment. Super convenient and discreet for dabbing onsite or on-the-go. Avoid too much (or too little) oil, so consumers also gain better portion and dosing control. Nectarbee also offers other concentrates, edibles, beverages, tinctures and topicals; available in Colorado. Nectarbee.com.