Cannabis-Infused Gifts for Dads and College Grads

Dads and Grads mg magazine
Dads and Grads mg magazine

Traditionally, the month of June celebrates dads and grads. This Sunday is Father’s Day, while all month long hopeful college graduates are getting ready for a well-deserved summer off and embarking on the next big adventure. Of course, we live in a time when traditions were made to be broken–so for the cannabis-loving dads and grads out there, here’s a cool gift list. From practical to luxurious, and for every budget, these infused ideas will bring high praise.

DrBronners_Shaving_Soap_mg_magazineDr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Soaps–Infused with hemp oil, these classic all-natural shaving soaps from Dr. Bronner’s come in enticing aromas, in tea tree, peppermint, lavender, lemon grass-lime, and unscented. Ingredients include organic shikakai powder, fair trade & organic sugar from Paraguay that imparts a caramel color and aroma, while moisturizing and soothing naturally. Blended carefully with coconut-olive-hemp castile soap base. At


Dank IPA–If you’re in Aurora, Colorado, take dad over to Dad and Dude’s Breweria for a Dank IPA craft brew and a large pie with everything. Father & son team Thomas and Mason Hembree are your hosts at this neighborhood brew house and pizzeria location. The Dank IPA is described as “originally released in 2012, Dank is back after a tiny run-in with ‘the man.’ We’ve packed this Colorado-style India Pale Ale with pounds of the sweetest Cannabaceae Humulus Lupulus. This heavily dry-hopped IPA is balanced with a smooth caramel maltiness reminiscent of old-school IPAs. Prepare for cotton mouth, and remember to always pass the Dank on the left.” Check out

hobo-diaper-bag-mg-magazineHemp Diaper Bag–For new dads that may also be grads, the High End Sativa Hobo Diaper Bag has everything you need to change a poopy diaper. Lined in organic cotton, this casual-looking carry all is tough hemp canvas on the outside, in six fashion colors. Wide, adjustable shoulder strap; the bag folds out into a changing mat, with removable fleece for easy cleaning. At

Planet_Hemp_Smoothie_mg_magazinePlanet Hemp Protein Superfoods Smoothie Mix–Did you know that hemp seeds are an excellent source of plant protein? If you’re looking for a gift for that super-healthy special someone, then these all-organic smoothie mixes might be a good choice. In original, vanilla chai, and maple cinnamon flavors, these hemp seed-based mixes also include edestin protein, albumin protein, Omega 3 and 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, and essential vitamins and minerals. With hemp protein powder (68 percent) and alfalfa. Visit

To Who it May_mg_magazineTo Whom It May Infused Chocolates–It’s hard to go wrong with luxury chocolates, no matter the occasion and especially when the tantalizing truffles are infused with either THC (in California) or CBD (available everywhere). To Whom It May’s high-end confectionery line is loaded with flavors like cherry cayenne, smoked almond butter, and hazelnut brandy. In sizes from intimate gift box to the Party Palette, various assortments of dosages are available, to suit every taste. From

Pot_DHuile_mg_magazineCannabis-infused olive oil–For the foodies, San Francisco-based Pot D’Huile offers cannabis infused olive oil that takes whole plant cannabis and combines it with extra virgin olive oil, all sourced from local family farms. The result is a high quality infusion that contains a full range of plant terpenes and 1mg of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) per milliliter of oil. From

Hashish-Scented Aftershave–No more traditional gift for dad than aftershave, unless your dad still wears ties. This provocative, genderless extrait de parfum is sure to attract attention–Black Afgano from Nasomatto is a hashish-scented blend of fine aromatics, formulated as “the result of a quest to arouse temporary bliss.” Other exotic scent elixirs from Nasomatto include Absinth and Hindu Grass. At

Hemp_boxers_mg_magazineHemp knit boxers–“Rare and unique,” these Telluride Hemp Boxers made from European hemp knit material are the “first and only in the world.” In fact, manufacturer Rawganique grows, knits, and sews these boxers to guarantee purity and sustainability. Customers with sensitive skin may find the material helps with conditions including skin allergies, rashes, psoriasis, and eczema. In natural, sage, black, and burgundy. At

PAX3_hero_gold_mg_magazinePAX 3 vaporizer–For use with dry flower and extract, this cool gadget will delight the dabbing dad or grad alike. Industry-leading heat technology, extended battery life, and a 2X powerful oven make the PAX 3 vaporizer a versatile vaping experience. Totally control the temperature and other settings with a custom app. Comes in four matte finishes, plus glossy gold and rose gold, with slim, sleek design. Ten year limited warranty. From

UrbanWarrior_Yellow_mg_magazineSkunk Warrior Odor-Proof Bag–For athletes and other active types, this convenient odor-proof 7” bag can be attached to a larger backpack or duffel, or to your bike. Patented industry-leading, odor-stopping technology uses activated charcoal and other design components to keep contents from being sniffed out. Waterproof, with two interior pockets that give you enough room to carry the essentials. At

Cannador_9_strain_mg_magazineCannador 9-Strain Container–A memorable gift for the cannabis connoisseur, this finely crafted storage chest will keep top shelf flowers in optimal humidity conditions. Walnut exterior veneer with a solid wood mahogany interior. Two separate layers of wood and a dual-fitted lip, you can rest assured no smell will leak. Clear matte finish gives a more natural look and feel to the walnut veneer. With Cannador’s patented Humidity Bead System, to keep flower fresh. At

Subscription Box of Accessories–Arizona-based Hippie Butler brings the subscription box model to cannabis accessories with assortments that are tailored to suit the member’s personal taste and profile. A variety of wraps, lighters, glassware, non-medicated munchies, novelty merch, and even apparel is personally picked out and shipped. Especially awesome if your dad or grad doesn’t have access to a local smoke shop or just loves to un-box things. From

Jamaica_Negril_mg_magazineJamaican Vacation–If money is no object, then why not take the whole family to Jamaica for an once-in-a-lifetime cannabis-friendly getaway? At, you can plan to travel domestically or abroad–we picked Jamaica because, well, it sounds pretty chill. Kush Tourism advises that “in mid-2015, [Jamaica] passed a drug law amendment that decriminalized small amounts of marijuana for personal use. Under the new law, possession of up to 2 ounces (or 56 grams) of marijuana is a petty offence.” That said, check out the Little Bay Cabins in Negril, where the 4/20 Package for an extra $50 will “get you all you can smoke.” At