10 Celebrity Cannabis Brands in the Spotlight

Illustration: Unitone Vector / Shutterstock

The legal U.S. cannabis market is still expanding, and experts in every industry are throwing their hat in the ring — especially those who’ve made their mark in entertainment.

Cannabis and entertainment has long gone hand in hand, sparking creativity and inspiration for some of the world’s most elite actors, musicians, and athletes. Trailblazers since cannabis legalization include Willie Nelson (Willie’s Reserve), Tommy Chong (Tommy Chong’s), and, of course, Snoop Dogg (Leafs by Snoop).


As the plant continues to normalize, more celebrities like Mike Tyson (Tyson Ranch) are coming out of the cannabis closet, attaching their name to cannabis brands, investing in the industry, and advocating for increased legalization in states where the product has restrictions.

Following in the steps of celebrity cannabis pioneers like Wiz Khalifa, Jim Belushi, and Melissa Etheridge, check out ten of the most recent celebrities cannabis brands finding success:


Seth Rogen – Houseplant

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but Seth Rogen is officially selling cannabis. His new brand Houseplant was founded by Rogen and Canadian screenwriter Evan Goldberg — one of their first collaborations that didn’t center around the silver screen.

As evidenced by their stoner-centric films like Superbad, This is the End, and, of course, Pineapple Express, Rogen and Goldberg have been proponents of the plant for many years, and the Canadian experts have finally gotten involved in the legal industry. 

“Almost 10 years ago, I envisioned having my own weed company. And today I can say that my company Houseplant’s weed will be available in California next week!” Rogen tweeted prior to the brand release in March 2021. 

The brand offers cannabis products, smoking accessories, and Rogen’s infamous ceramic creations.


Salvador Santana – VAYA

Grammy award-winning musician, activist, and son of the legendary guitar player Carlos, Salvador Santana grew up surrounded by the intersecting cultures of music and cannabis.

To pay homage to his roots, Santana launched VAYA, a brand that aims to provide the community with quality cannabis products while spreading education and awareness around the medicinal and spiritual properties of the plant.

The brand offers all-natural and organic cannabis, infused with “the magic and different healing properties of the plant.”


Shavo Odadjian – 22Red

Shavo Odadjian — better known as the bassist of System of a Down — is one of the most recent celebrity founders of a cannabis brand.

He founded 22Red, a Los Angeles-based cannabis lifestyle brand that prioritizes the celebration of creatives around the world and how they utilize the plant for inspiration. 

The brand is forward-thinking about the cannabis industry, working fashion, music, and wellness into their approach — the exact direction the industry is ultimately moving toward.


Jenny Lewis – Down the Rabbit Hole

American singer-songwriter, musician, and actress Jenny Lewis is best known for her indie-folk dreamy sound — and now, for her involvement in cannabis.

The longtime creative cannabis advocate recently partnered with cannabis cultivator Glass House Farms, producing a unique hybrid strain that encourages consumers to go “down the Rabbit Hole.”

Inspired by “Rabbit Hole,” a dreamy reminiscence of Jefferson Airplane’s psychedelic anthem, the strain’s origins are believed to date back to a 1991 Grateful Dead concert


B-Real – Dr. Greenthumb

B-Real has become a leading entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, launching six Dr. Greenthumb dispensaries that combine cannabis and hip hop into a potent blend of culture.

Dr. Greenthumb recently announced their first-ever line of flower, offering it first to consumers at Dr. Greenthumb’s and Cookies dispensaries in California. 

Dr. Greenthumb has a new location opening on April 16 near LAX, so whether you’re a local or flying to L.A. for the day, B-Real has you covered. 


Bella Thorne – Forbidden Flowers

Much like Jenny Lewis, former Disney star Bella Thorne recently partnered with Glass House Farms to cultivate exclusive cannabis strains under her infamous name.

Forbidden Flowers is a brand that was born out of Thorne’s love for cannabis and the belief in the power of self-expression, something Thorne has long been passionate about as a creative.

The brand is “unapologetically sexy, cheeky, and fully free-spirited,” offering flower, pre-rolls, edibles, and CBD products that cater to a variety of desired effects. 


Al Harrington – Viola

Former NBA star Al Harrington was one of the early professional athletes to come forward with his love for the plant. 

Many athletes have utilized the benefits of cannabis for years, opting for natural solutions rather than the opioids they’re so often prescribed.

Harrington regularly speaks on the topic, calling for the professional athletic community to spread awareness and education on the plant’s healing properties.

He established his cannabis brand, Viola, in 2011. The basketball player was a firsthand witness to how cannabis helped his grandmother, who was a long-time sufferer of glaucoma. 

Blown away by the positive impact the plant had on her, Harrington formed the brand in her name. Viola offers a wide variety of high-quality products to consumers, from pre-rolls and rosin to live resin and classic flower. 


Berner – Cookies

Taylor Gang Entertainment rapper Berner is another celebrity who’s had a tremendous impact on the cannabis industry.

Berner founded Cookies in 2012, which is arguably one of the most popular cannabis brands in the entire world today.

The brand has segued into an entire lifestyle, offering clothing and accessories that are as synonymous to cannabis as Kleenex is to tissues.

Today, Cookies has a cult-like following throughout California and beyond, known as the “Cookie Fam” who are devoted to the brand and its hip hop legacy. 


Kristen Bell – Happy Dance

Kristen Bell is one of the most well-known actresses in the world, recognized for roles like Sarah Marshall in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place, and the ever-recognizable voice of Gossip Girl.

Although she’s reaped much of her success as an actress, Bell recently set out on a new venture in cannabis. 

The actress launched Happy Dance, a CBD skincare brand designed with moms in mind. Although women have utilized the plant for centuries, it’s been stigmatized for decades, especially for moms.

Happy Dance aims to erase that stigma for mothers and moms-to-be everywhere while providing choice products like lotions, eye cream, moisturizer, body butter, bath bombs, and more. 


Tory Lanez – Black Leprechaun

Daystar Peterson, better known as Tory Lanez, is a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from Canada. Through a partnership with minority- and woman-owned Bay Smokes in the U.S., he launched his Black Leprechaun line with a focus on Delta-8 THC (∆8-THC) products.

Unlike Delta-9 THC products that can only be sold legally through state-licensed licensed dispensaries and delivery services, Delta-8 products with less than 0.3 percent THC are federally legal under the Farm Bill of 2018. Black Leprechaun’s federally-legal hemp products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill and under 0.3 percent THC, making them legal and available to ship via USPS in many states. Black Leprechaun also offers wholesale accounts through Bay Smokes with Delta-8, HHC, THCp, THC-O, and other alternative cannabinoids.

Black Leprechaun currently offers Delta-8 vape cartridges, disposable vapes, flower, pre-rolls, blunts, edibles, extracts, and branded merchandise. Black Leprechaun flower is available in a variety of strains including Purple Yumbrella, D8 Bubba, Red Leprechaun, Green Monkey, and 4 Leaf rainbow.