Fall 2022 Dispensary Buyers’ Guide

New products reflect an evolving retail reality: A more sophisticated type of consumer is on the rise.

SUNDAZED2 web-copy
Photo: Sundazed

This ain’t your grandpappy’s weed marketplace.

Gone are the days of boys’ club stoner culture where high amounts of THC were the sole consideration in product selection. Now, consumers are looking for terpene preservation, a more balanced and paceable cannabinoid expression, and products that prove the industry is pursuing sustainability, equity, and diversity.


Headset’s recent report is a prime indicator of this shift in product approach. Cannabis beverage sales have increased by more than 20 percent in the past two years alone, indicating emerging generations are less interested in alcohol than their elders and drawn to products that tend to have a quicker onset time, a lower dose, and a lung-friendly means of consumption.

The way consumers are buying their products also has changed. This is largely thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in operators being forced to embrace delivery and/or curbside pickup—a first for many. The new operating paradigm stuck around beyond global lockdowns, and a wave of retail innovation followed.

As a result, brands are rethinking how to market their products in ways that appeal to today’s consumers. While some have steered into sophistication, sleekness, and identities that attempt to erase the “bros only” ethos of cannabis’s past and find femininity a seat at the table, others have doubled down on legacy culture, paying homage to the early days of weed to keep seasoned consumers happy while launching products with contemporary cred to intrigue curious newbies.

AFC HempExtract Pet pix 2 540x web
Advocates for Cannabis Extracts

Advocates for Cannabis Extracts

Available Nationwide
Humans aren’t the only species that benefits from cannabis use, and Advocates for Cannabis is chomping at the bit to prove it. Utilizing the healing power of hemp, CBD, and superfood mushrooms, the brand develops full-spectrum extracts and capsules to boost immunity in humans—and similar extracts and treats designed specifically for cats and dogs. The company’s name hints at its mission: increasing access to plant-based medicine.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Botani GumWrap Stills-129-Edit web

Botani Gummed Wrappers

Available Nationwide
Botani‘s newest offering takes a fresh approach to convenience. The company’s 100-percent-hemp gummed wrappers are sustainable, slow-burning, and customizable to any brand’s bespoke vibe. As consumers become increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases, these papers can help align stores and product brands with the greater mission of a sustainable and responsible industry.
Wholesale: Nicolas Flandrin-Jones, [email protected]

High-Tea-larger-1 web-copy
High Tea

High Tea Wraps

Available Nationwide
Blunt smokers are a major subculture within the cannabis community, and High Tea Wraps offer a healthier alternative for those looking to kick the tobacco side effects without getting kicked out of the rotation. Created with chamomile, mate, and cacao—without nicotine or tobacco—the wraps come in eight natural flavors and are sold in cartons of twenty-five resealable pouches (with five packs per pouch).
Wholesale: Kretek International, (800) 358-8100; Phillips & King, (800) 532-4427

Puffco Proxy dab pen pipe

Puffco Proxy

Available Nationwide
The Proxy is Puffco’s latest contribution to extract consumption. The portable, modular vaporizer utilizes the brand’s signature 3D heating technology, optimizing heat on all sides for better flavor and a smoother air-path. The Proxy’s glass-pipe base unit is removable for compatibility with the growing number of optional components that are part of Puffco’s ecosystem, allowing for an almost infinitely customizable experience.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Substance Pre-roll cannabis packs

Substance Pre-Rolls

Available in California
Crafted of premium flower sourced from Midnight Gardens, a Sun & Earth-certified regenerative farm, Substance’s pre-roll twelve-packs provide a buzz for the body and the soul: For each pack sold, the company donates $8.46 to reform nonprofit Impact Justice. The donation memorializes George Floyd, a Black man who died after a racist Minneapolis cop knelt on his neck for eight minutes and forty-six seconds.
Wholesale: Jake Kuczeruk, [email protected]

Tyson 2.0 cannabis gummy bites
Tyson 2.0

Tyson 2.0 Mike Bites

Available in California
Sure, the name is a bit on the ear—er, nose—but these natural, vegan, gluten-free Tyson 2.0 gummies are crafted from extracts that isolate specific cannabinoids. Containing 10mg THC per gummy (100mg per pack), they look suspiciously like the body part of one of Mike Tyson’s boxing foes. The treats are available in three flavors, each promising to be more appetizing than the real-life inspo.
Wholesale: [email protected]

CAC-Infinity-Hybrid-InfoCard-01-copy-1 web
TILT Infinity Vape

TILT Infinity Disposable Vape

Available in Massachusetts
Powered by CCELL technology, the disposable TILT Infinity Vape delivers 300mg of cannabis extract in each self-contained product. Exclusive to Massachusetts operators, the vape activates with a three-second inhale and contains about sixty puffs per product. Currently available in two strains: Cinderella 99 (hybrid) for a light, euphoric body high, and cerebrally relaxing LA Kush Cake (indica).
Wholesale: [email protected]

HVGC-Chillums IMGL0034 web
HVGC Chillums

HVGC Chillums

Available in California
Helmand Valley Growers Company’s eco-friendly Chillums are pharmaceutical-grade borosilicate glass pipes packed with THC diamond dust flower. An airtight cap cuts out airflow inside the load chamber, preserving the integrity of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, and the pipe may be repacked and reused. One hundred percent of profits go to the Battle Brothers Foundation for research into cannabis treatments for vets.
Wholesale: Corey Potter, [email protected]

SUNDAZED2 web-copy

Sundazed Pre-Rolls

Available in California
More brands are intentionally appealing to femininity. Woman- and BIPOC-owned Sundazed’s menu includes a variety of pre-roll packs (single, five-pack, and ten-pack) that cater to consumers looking for both affordability and a softer style. Each five-pack contains a pink ticket, giving customers a chance to win a $250 gift card—and an incentive to buy more five-packs.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Escape Artists Sleep Tincture
Escape Artists

Escape Artists Sleep Tincture

Available in Colorado
Escape Artists‘ tinctures are popular because of their delicate flavors and intentionally simple formulations. The newest addition to the brand’s line was developed for consumers who need some shut-eye but don’t want to be so hazy they can’t find their toothbrush. Sleep Tincture incorporates just 1.2mg of THC per dose, blended with CBD, CBN, CBG, and chamomile to compose a soothing nightcap.
Wholesale: Derek Snow, [email protected]

Alien Labs Gummies in blue, red, and orange cannabis
Alien Labs

Alien Labs Galactic Gummies

Available in California
Alien Labs’ new edibles are colorful, solventless-hash gummies that provide a full-spectrum effect with minimal cannabis flavor. Designed for the health-conscious California consumer, the gummies are gluten-free, vegan, and made with all-natural ingredients and pure cane sugar. Each of the four varieties is dusted with “flavor asteroids” that add a satisfying crunch and a burst of flavor.
Wholesale: Mitch Wright, [email protected]

AYR Wellness Haze packaging black and purple
Ayr Wellness Haze

Ayr Wellness Haze

Available in Arizona and Nevada
Calling all operators with hardcore concentrate loyalists among their customers! Ayr Wellness’s Haze line boasts potent formulations and rapid onset times for consumers seeking a heavy…well, haze. The brand offers a variety of concentrate formats but is most recognized by avid dabbers for its live resin and golden shatter.
Wholesale: AyrWellness.com/wholesale

HIgh-on-love03082021-IMG 1885-2-copy web
High on Love

High on Love Bedside Products

Available Nationwide
A cannabis product that gets you high is great, but one designed to elevate your orgasm? We’ve gone numb just thinking about it. Woman-owned High on Love offers infused wellness essentials for the entire body, including bedside products designed to soothe discomfort and add plant-based fireworks to arousal. The line encompasses stimulating oil, massage oil, dark-chocolate body paint, and more.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Delta-8-Pieces-Collage Box-Overlay web

TribeTokes Tribe REVIVE Delta-8 Gummies

Available Nationwide
With 25mg of delta-8 THC derived from hemp, TribeTokes’ bear-shaped gummies combine healthy ingredients with fruity flavors. The proprietary formulation is flavored and colored with organic cane sugar and all-natural juice extracts like carrot juice, black currant, turmeric, and cherry. The company also offers strain-specific delta-8 vapes, cartridges, and disposables. Delta-8 is legal in most states, but check local regulations before ordering.
Wholesale: TribeTokes.com/cbd-wholesale

Chalice-Brands Elysium-Fields-Live-Resin-Sugar-Sauce Open-Jar web
Elysium Fields

Elysium Fields Live Resin Sugar Sauce

Available in Oregon
Elysium Fields’ live-resin sugar sauce is a strain-specific concentrate in sativas including Drank Del Diablo and Chem Rush, indicas including Double O Cookies and 9lb. Funky Town, and hybrids including Vanilla Frosting and Ultra Violet Trainwreck. Robust terpene and cannabinoid profiles are represented in an intriguing “terpene wheel” on the side of each package, allowing consumers to customize their experience with Chalice Brands.
Wholesale: Rachel Nicholas,
[email protected]

k-haring-copy web
Vibes x Higher Standards

K.Haring x Vibes Tins

Available Nationwide
Emblazoned with the iconic art of Keith Haring, this Vibes x Higher Standards collaboration offers an instantly recognizable yet discreet mode of carrying cones and pre-rolls. Each includes a set of five Vibes premium cones cultivated and crafted in France, then cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic to bring authenticity to the roll-your-own experience.
Wholesale: Wholesale.gnln.com

dosist-vape-family-1 web

dosist Plus w/ LRTE Collection

Available in California
dosist recently premiered its Plus w/ LRTE Collection, offering dose-anxious consumers an advanced delivery system designed to replace user uncertainty with precise dose control. Powered by a UL 1642 lithium-ion battery with 24k gold connector pins, the cartridges combine dosist’s signature formulas Bliss, Arouse, and Relax with 88 percent THC distillate and single-strain live resin terpene extract.
Wholesale: James Ulrich, [email protected]

TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer and Dab Cartridge

TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer & Dab Cartridge

Available Nationwide
Available in black and white with a smooth, stone-like finish, TOQi’s award-winning, 510-thread device offers consumers the freedom to dab on the go. The 400mAh battery charges to 85 percent in only twenty minutes using TOQi’s proprietary wireless charger or other Qi-enabled devices, including cellphones. Settings from 2.8V to 3.6V allow users to curate temperatures.
Wholesale: Drew Henson, [email protected]

Rove Premier Live Resin Cartridge Packs

Rove Premier Live Resin Cartridges

Available in California, Michigan, Nevada, and Oklahoma
Live resin is regarded by many as the cream of the concentrate crop, and Rove’s Premier live resin cartridges deliver concentrate aficionados the bright taste and intense high they seek. Rove hand-picks exotic strains, then flash-freezes the flower on the day of harvest to preserve potency and terpene profiles. The signature holographic boxes make a classy impression on shelves.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Edie Parker heart-one-hhitter-necklaces web
Edie Parker

Edie Parker Heart One-Hitter

Available Nationwide
An increasing number of consumers demand their cannabis products be not only potent, affordable, and effective, but also aesthetically pleasing. Enter: Edie Parker’s Heart One-Hitter. Offered in three colors and attached to an adorable cord that makes the entire accessory reminiscent of 1990s-era “kandi” jewelry, this heart-shaped pipe will attract attention from the fashion-forward toker on the go.
Wholesale: [email protected]

22Red concentrates cannabis

22Red Concentrates

Available in Arizona and Nevada
Celebrity brands are a category unto themselves, and Shavo Odadjian’s 22Red has a built-in base of System of a Down fans. The brand’s live-resin concentrates, available in badder and sauce, are packed in tiny, unpretentious jars in strains including Papago Punch, Shred 22, Portuguese Kush, and K9. Odadjian claims he personally selects the strains for flavor, potency, and creativity-enhancing effects.
Wholesale: Brad Ottomeyer, [email protected]

urb Watermelon-Hibiscus Box web

Urb Gourmet Delta-9:HHC Gummies

Available Nationwide
These live-resin gummies contain a 1:1 ratio of hemp-derived delta-9 THC and hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), enhanced with fresh, flash-frozen live-resin extract. According to Lifted, the clever hemp-derived combination allows the product to remain legal in most states even though it creates a significant buzz. Experienced consumers and newbies alike will enjoy the chef-inspired flavors that are packed in twenty-gummy jars.
Wholesale: 844-4-LIFTED; [email protected]

Origyn-extracts-square web

Origyn Extracts

Available in Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania
Among the most popular products in Massachusetts, Ayr Wellness’s Origyn line includes moon rocks, waxes, sugars, badders, sauce carts, and crystals in a variety of strains. Launched in Massachusetts in 2020, multistate operator Ayr rapidly expanded the brand’s availability to four states in less than a year and plans to add Nevada and New Jersey in 2022.
Wholesale: AyrWellness.com/wholesale

G Pen Elite II vape pen cannabis
G Pen Elite II

G Pen Elite II

Available Nationwide
To kick off its tenth anniversary, Grenco Science released the G Pen Elite II, a dry-herb device that combines a patented clean-air intake and a patent-pending dual-heating system using both convection and conduction heating to help consumers access a broader spectrum of flavors and effects. A ceramic chamber provides individual temperature control between 200ºF and 430oF along with an array of customizable settings.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Chewees green apple THC Caramels

Chewees Green Apple Caramels

Available in Massachusetts and Washington
A grownup version of caramel apples, Chewees’ new infused caramels are a study in simple recipes: The treats use only eight vegetarian, gluten-free ingredients and are hand-spread the old-fashioned way. At 10mg THC per caramel (100mg per box), this adults-only take on a Fall flavor classic will excite consumers with a sweet tooth and a hankering for nostalgia.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Diamonds 3Up-gradient 3000px@2x-copy web

PAX Diamonds Pods

Available in California
Designed for the PAX Era low-heat vape, PAX Diamonds Pods utilize potent THCA diamonds to produce what the manufacturer describes as “true-to-cultivar” flavor and a significant kick. Crafted for concentrate consumers with a refined palate and sophisticated tastes, the 1g pods are available in seven strains (two indicas, two sativas, and three hybrids) for the surprisingly reasonable price of $40 each.
Wholesale: Jonathan Bernhardt, [email protected]

Cloud-Cover Dab-Cart OZ-Kush-BX2 web
Cloud Cover

Cloud Cover Dab Cartridges

Available in Massachusetts and Michigan
Made from curated blends of proprietary, premium strains, Cloud Cover’s dab carts combine the taste and experience of flower with the convenience and potency of a cartridge. The full-spectrum extraction process prioritizes terpene and cannabinoid preservation, addressing a gradual shift in consumers’ focus from THC levels to terpene content. Offering products that have adopted a terpenes-forward approach could put your dispensary ahead of the curve.
Wholesale: App.ApexTrading.com/profile/c3-michigan

Kind Canna Pre Roll packs on Orange carpet
Kind Canna

Kind Canna Pre-Rolls

Available in California
Launched in 2021, Kind Canna’s ethos appeals to sustainability-conscious consumers: The Kind Canna’s products are sourced exclusively from farms that utilize eco-friendly technologies throughout growing and harvesting. Available in a selection of seven indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, the company’s pre-rolls include ten-pack infused minis, five-pack joints, and a 1g premium kief-infused joint.
Wholesale: Brianna Calabrese, [email protected]

The-Lab-Cartridge-VA web
The Lab

The Lab Vapes and Carts

Available in Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia
The Lab is Jushi’s award-winning brand of live-resin, cured, distilled, and disposable concentrate products. The brand’s 0.3g disposable vapes and 0.5g cartridges are available in live resin and full-spectrum extracts. While Nevada is more than familiar (to the point of oversaturation) with vape products, The Lab’s presence in newer markets could help introduce less-experienced consumers to a new way to enjoy the plant.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Delie Greens cannabis flower by Caliva

Deli Greens by Caliva

Available in California
Deli Greens is the latest addition to the Deli by Caliva line, which focuses on affordable, sungrown flower in a selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. The products are available in 3.5g, half-ounce, and full ounce packages at down-to-earth prices. Despite the low wallet impact, THC doesn’t suffer: Content ranges from 17 to 33 percent.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Kynd cannabis flower in three distinct packages

Kynd Flower

Available in Arizona, Florida, and Nevada
Kynd offers six strains of premium flower cultivated in small batches with old-school TLC. The brand may be best known, though, for its devotion to sustainability and giving back to local communities. Consumers who look for brands that mirror their personal worldview may be attracted to Kynd’s diversity, positivity, and belief “in creating a better world—for all humankynd.”
Wholesale: AyrWellness.com/wholesale


Level ProTab+

Available in California
ProTab+ is a cannabinoid-enhanced, effects-based, swallowable tablet that takes effect in thirty to ninety minutes and lasts three to six hours. It is available in three formulations: Boost (THC, THCV, CBG), Lights Out (THC, CBN, delta-8, THCa, CBG), and Recover (TBCa, CBDa, CBG, CBC).
Wholesale: Brie Emerson, [email protected]

Unabis-CBD-gummies web

Unabis CBD Gummies

Available Nationwide
Unabis’s new CBD gummies are naturally sweetened with tapioca syrup and cane sugar, and flavors are derived from organic fruits and vegetables. Available in two strengths and six flavors, each jar contains thirty of the multicolored treats. Unabis also offers oils, gelcaps, and balms.
Wholesale: Mikhail Heifitz, [email protected]

Pilgrim Soul disposable vape pens for california dispensaries
Pilgrim Soul

Pilgrim Soul Disposable Vapes

Available in California
Pilgrim Soul describes its live resin disposable vape pens as “cannabis for creativity,” which is no surprise since the vapes were developed (in collaboration with AbstraxLabs) to complement the company’s flagship product, the Creative Thinking Journal. Available in four blends—Awareness, Imagination, Focus, and Reflection—the 0.5g pens are packaged in collectible, reusable, limited-edition tins designed by female street artists based in the U.S., Canada, and Panama.
Wholesale: [email protected]

pluscbd reserve drops lg web
+Plus CBD

+PlusCBD Reserve Collection

Available Nationwide
+PlusCBD’s Reserve Collection is a special blend of full-spectrum cannabinoids celebrating the company’s very first batch of oil in 2012. The bolder formulas incorporate 2.5mg THC per serving to produce stronger experiences at times when extra support is needed. The vegan gummies and tinctures are available in multiple natural flavors; each formula uses only organic sweeteners.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Key PreRollPack OnRepeat web

Harborside KEY Mini Pre-Rolls

Available in California
From one of the original dispensary brands, KEY is a product line for the next generation of consumers: the curious just beginning their journey. Crafted from flower sustainably grown in Salinas, California, the Harborside KEY pre-rolls are strain-specific and rotate through strains based on the season. Flower and strain-specific concentrates also are available.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Wine-Bottle-Bong web
Stoners in Paris


Available Nationwide
The new Stoners in Paris collection from Canna Style positions “oui’d” accessories at the intersection of fashion and fun. The woman-owned brand’s designs include dainty wine-bottle bongs and pipes, macaron-shaped stash jars, and ornate gold-plated joint cases. Curated by a former fashion executive, the accessories target spirited women with a sense of adventure.
Wholesale: [email protected]

MDbio Tier2 Relief Family cannabis softgels

MDbio Softgels

Available Nationwide
Founded by four medical doctors, MDbio takes a strictly therapeutic approach to cannabinoids. The brand’s softgels, which contain a variety of full-spectrum hemp and botanical-compound blends, were developed with an Eastern medicine approach prioritizing holistic, plant-based healing. The softgels are available in ten-, thirty-, or sixty-count quantities, and they’re designed to target ailments like insomnia, anxiety, pain, and weakened immune systems.
Wholesale: [email protected]; (800) 447-1485

Simply Herb cannabis flower in packages
Simply Herb

Simply Herb

Available in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Michigan
Relatively affordable flower is becoming obsolete—an especially sad trend for seasoned consumers who remember the appeal of “dime bags.” For the flower-only shopper who prioritizes reasonable cost without sacrificing quality product, Simply Herb provides everyday, affordable cannabis. The line includes the bare necessities for daily herb smokers—popcorn and shake, flower, and 1g pre-rolls—presented in simple, clean packaging.
Wholesale: AWHoldings.com/contact


ABX Farmer’s Reserve Sauce Cartridges

Available in California

AbsoluteXtracts’ (ABX) Farmer’s Reserve Sauce cartridges feature whole-flower terp sauce. Made from top-shelf extracts, they’re available in medical-grade ceramic carts for a no-burn hit and a full-spectrum, fresh cannabis taste. No artificial flavors, additives, fillers, distillate, or CRC.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Native Roots Gold-Label Cookie-Cake marijuana strain
Native Roots

Native Roots Gold Label

Available in Colorado
Native Roots Cannabis Co.’s Gold Label collection speaks to the sophisticated connoisseur who’s constantly on the hunt for the cognac of weed. From phenotypes unique to Native Roots, each Gold strain has a minimum of 24 percent THC potency and is hand-trimmed to preserve trichomes. Flowers are hand-packed in non-porous, smell-proof, airtight glass drams that block UV rays.
Wholesale: Denise De Nardi, [email protected]

Vibes-Cone-Filler Hero-V1-copy web

VIBES Cone Filler

Available Nationwide
The VIBES cone filler makes packing quick and convenient, resulting in an even roll. Designed to fill one to three cones at a time with the included single-sided and triple-sided end caps, the process couldn’t be easier: Simply insert the cone, stuff in ground material, open the roller, and voilà! Available in five translucent colors that allow users to watch their cones take shape.
Wholesale: Wholesale.gnln.com

kurvana-ascnd all-in-one vapes
Kurvana ASCND

KURVANA ASCND All-in-one Vapes

Available in California
Kurvana’s ASCND line uses intensely potent oils to deliver fast, powerful effects. The all-in-ones pack THC levels of more than 90 percent into a slim vape with a ceramic heating element for high-dose draws. ASCND oils are high-cannabinoid, full-spectrum, single-origin extracts designed for tokers who appreciate heavy psychoactive effects and a true-to-strain taste.
Wholesale: [email protected]

The Growing Allure of Beverages

Infused beverages are having a moment. According to New Frontier Data, 14 percent of American cannabis consumers have tried them, with 42 percent of those citing “to enhance enjoyment of social situations” as their primary reason for imbibing. Other reasons for partaking include relaxation (17 percent), reducing anxiety (16 percent), and pain management (14 percent).

Easy to ingest, discreet, and fast-acting, beverages come in a variety of flavors, forms, and dosages. Between January 2020 and January 2022, drops, mixes, elixirs, and syrups composed the most popular subcategory, according to Headset, making up 27.7 percent of total beverage sales. Carbonated drinks were the second-largest segment with slightly less than 26 percent of sales, followed by iced tea, lemonade, and fruit-flavored drinks with a combined 22.3 percent.

Ready to embrace a category Global Industry Analysts Inc. predicts will be worth $2 billion by 2026? Here are seven products to try.

Good Stuff cannabis infused beverages
Good Stuff

Good Stuff Beverages

Available in California
Known for its eye-catching packaging featuring speakeasy animals wailing on saxophones, trumpets, and other jazz instruments, Good Stuff Beverage Co. offers non-fizzy libations in a variety of fun flavors. Indica, sativa, and hybrid blends (plus a 1:1 THC:CBD formulation) weigh in at 100mg THC per bottle—including the two-ounce shot. Handy dosing marks on each bottle help consumers dole out 10mg servings.
Wholesale: Dan Grim, [email protected]

Klaus cannabis infused beverages

Klaus Mezzrol

Available in California
This cannabis cocktail is increasingly popular in the beverage space. With tangy ginger-beer syrup from Denver, lime purée from France, and soothing rice vinegar in every can, consumers will enjoy 10mg of THC that claims to be as fast-acting as it is gently euphoric from Klaus. With the holiday season around the corner, it’s time to stock up on aperitifs—hold the alcohol.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Mary-Jones-Soda cannabis infused drink
Mary Jones Soda

Mary Jones Soda

Available in California
Creative beverage brand Jones Soda has jumped on the cannabis brandwagon, adding a special herbal infusion to its suite of nostalgically flavored products. Aptly named Mary Jones Soda, the brand offers single- (10mg THC) and multi-dose (100mg THC) infused sodas, syrups, and gummies in four of the most popular Jones Soda flavors: Orange & Cream, Green Apple, Root Beer, and Berry Lemonade.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Lagunitas hi-fi sessions cannabis infused beverages

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Sessions

Available in California and Colorado
Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops was one of the first infused alcohol alternatives to hit the market. Hi-Fi Sessions is a newer, trendier rendition of the classic sparkling beverage. With sleek new cans and a new low-dose flavor (Cloudberry), Hi-Fi Sessions will attract Hi-Fi Hops loyalists looking for an upgrade as well as curious newbies seeking a reliable infused drink.
Wholesale: [email protected]

Endless-Coast-Family-cannabis infused seltzer
Endless Coast

Endless Coast Infused Seltzer

Available in Massachusetts
Curaleaf’s Endless Coast seltzer is powered by nanotechnology, allowing for an accelerated onset in an effort to eliminate the guesswork that often accompanies ingestibles. Low in calories, sugar, and carbs, the beverages help consumers watch their waistlines while they enjoy a microdose of THC (between 2.5mg and 5mg per serving). Four refreshing flavors feature naturally-derived fruit extracts and essences.
Wholesale: [email protected]; Curaleaf.com/wholesale

Day One cannabis infused sparkling water
Day One

Day One Sparkling Water

Available Nationwide
For consumers seeking a non-psychoactive infused drink that is hydrating, rejuvenating, and herbally therapeutic, Day One sparkling water may be a good choice. The beverages consist of 100-percent natural fruit juice, 0-percent sugar, 0 calories, and 20mg of CBD. Day One covered all bases with a morning coffee replacement, mid-day refreshment, afternoon refocus aid, post-workout recharge, evening cocktail substitute, and anti-insomnia elixir.
Wholesale: Form.123formbuilder.com/6023292/form

Afterdream-Cannabis infused spirits

Afterdream Infused Spirits

Available in California
Alcoholic beverages have endured a downward trend over the past decade as younger generations increasingly opted for beverages that don’t come with the risk of a brutal next-day hangover. Afterdream Spirits are a no-hangover, herbal option. Each understated bottle contains 3.5mg THC, 3.5mg CBD, and 3.5 mg delta-8 per serving, along with fourteen botanicals and eight terpenes—an intriguing blend for a mind-mellowing, liver-friendly buzz.
Wholesale: [email protected]

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