Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower Media Recommends…

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Screen Shot 2016 09 07 at 1.16.38 PM

These are a just a few of Max Simon’s favorite canna-things…

Max Simon, Green Flower Media, mg MagazienAPP


I’m a little biased, because we created it, but I’m truly in love with We’re putting out free, live-stream cannabis classes every week featuring the world’s top experts. People can learn everything about cannabis and the industry right from home.

Max Simon, Green Flower MediaEDIBLE

Outset medicated dried fruits like apples and pineapple are my favorite. Their extraction method is clean, and I like that there is no added sugar or carbohydrates.

Green Flower Media, mg magazine, Jeff The 420 Chef,BRAND

I’m a big fan of how Jeff the 420 Chef is building his brand around cooking and cannabis. I also love the 420 Games and how they stand for cannabis and sports.

Green Flower Media, mg magazine, Max SimonDISPENSARY DONE RIGHT

Harborside Health Center has done such an incredible job of standing for wellness in cannabis and really giving back to the community. Plus, I can totally trust the impeccable quality of their cannabis.

Max Simon Green Flower MediaVAPE

Hands down, The Herbalizer desktop vaporizer. This device is beautifully engineered and gives you the nicest vaporizing experience, period.

mg Magazine, Green flowerFLOWER

Anything from Buds & Roses in Los Angeles. Nobody grows better craft cannabis than them.


Max Simon, Green Flower Media, mg magazineTREND

We’re seeing an overwhelming number of Baby Boomers who are getting interested in cannabis again to help with their health and wellness issues. As the stigma continues to drop, this audience will be huge for the industry.

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