Akerna and Solo Sciences Partner for Seed-to-Sale Authentication Platform

DENVER – Regulatory compliance technology provider Akerna Corporation has announced a partnership with solo sciences, “developer of the world’s first cryptographically-secure cannabis product authentication system,” to combine platforms in a new program, to bring top level transparency to product authentication from seed-to-sale.

“Product and public safety through reliable traceability drove the creation of MJ Platform. Cannabis product tracking down to the gram level provides built-in transparency into the growing, processing, distribution, and selling of cannabis products,” said Akerna Chief Executive Officer Jessica Billingsley. “The integration of solo sciences’ elevated tagging technology provides the first robust method for communicating everything we know about cannabis through our tracking—ingredients, nutrients, additives, and more—to the consumer.


“Solo sciences’ goal is to protect the entire supply chain, from seed to shelf, for the brands that have spent millions crafting products and packaging to the consumers using their products. Solo sciences’ mission is to protect the growing population of consumers and prioritize safety in the marketplace.”

The new partnership created two technology platforms for producers and consumers, as well as regulatory entities to authenticate each phase of product resourcing, production, and testing.

Akerna’s MJ Platform and solo*CODE™ integrated technology is designed for product brands and consumers, and will use a “consumer-facing mark” to indicate that the product is authentic and produced with documented seed-to-sale testing and verification.

MJ Platform will provide seed-to-sale transparency for the production process, while solo*CODE™ will provide a fingerprint for each individual product that, when scanned with the solo*CODE™ app, can provide specific information about that product’s life cycle.

Akerna’s Leaf Data Systems and solo*TAG™ are for state regulators. Leaf Data Systems is already utilized by the state of Colorado, and Leaf Data and solo*TAG™ will be required for use in Utah, as officials there set up the state’s legal medical cannabis market.

“Leaf Data’s closed loop between governments and licensees that eliminates alternate data collection sources, which reduces error, improves security and increases accountability. The advanced technology is also assigned to each plant, batch, inventory item and provides a chain-of-custody from seed-to-self for detailed transparency,” Akerna’s press release said. The system also is mobile app enabled, which will provide real time data for users.

“Akerna’s creation of a transparent supply chain for one of the fastest emerging markets allows us to create trust in an industry that’s historically been so murky,” said solo sciences’ founder and Chief Executive Officer Ashesh “Alex” Shah.

Solo sciences is currently in partnership with fifty-three brands and is expected to ship nine million product units in 2019, and is on track to expand its partnerships and packaging business.

“Together with Akerna, we have simplified the work regulators and brands must do to protect consumer health because we have the ability to follow the product from creation to consumer,” Shah added.