Tone Deaf? “Tough Enforcement” Statement Comes as Public Support for Marijuana Rises

Screen Shot 2017 02 24 at 1.03.45 PM
Screen Shot 2017 02 24 at 1.03.45 PM

A new Quinnipiac poll shows marijuana’s popularity may be reaching new heights.

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer signaled that a possible crackdown on state marijuana laws could be coming in the near future. Many in the marijuana industry have already vowed to fight back.

Fighting state-approved laws could be an uphill battle for the White House. The Trump administration used a pro-state rights argument this week when it rescinded an Obama order that aimed to protect the rights of transgendered students in public schools. Are they now willing to argue against state rights when it comes to marijuana? If so, then the White House can expect a barrage of legal challenges and could suffer politically if states lose jobs and revenues.


There was another bit of bad news for team Trump and any plans to pursue legal action against the marijuana industry. A new Quinnipiac poll released this week showed strong support for legal marijuana.  A stunning 93 percent of Americans approve of medical marijuana while 59 percent favored legalizing recreational marijuana.

Apparently, even individuals that do not support recreational marijuana do not want to see federal authorities targeting it. Quinnipiac found, that 71 percent of Americans oppose federal interference with state recreational marijuana laws.

These numbers are quickly rising. In June, Quinnipiac found that 54 percent of Americans supported recreational legalization and 89 percent were in favor of medical marijuana.

Currently, it seems marijuana is significantly more popular than the president. A separate Quinnipiac poll released this week put Trump’s approval rating at about 38 percent.

Even some of Trump’s strongest conservative supporters did not want to see the White House use its resources to target state approved laws. Longtime political operative Roger Stone, who worked for President Nixon, warned the Trump administration against targeting the marijuana industry through several tweets.

The marijuana industry has endured decades of difficult times. It is now enjoying its high-water mark for popularity. Is this a fight that an unpopular president truly wants to take on right now?