What Recreational Marijuana in California Means for Customers

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Screen Shot 2017 12 06 at 1.02.49 PM

Here are some of the basics customers need to know before recreational sales of marijuana begin in California.

As we get closer to January 1, the day where Prop 64. takes effect and recreational marijuana sales start, it is important that buyers understand some of the basics and stay out of trouble:

  • Here are some key points for recreational customers to keep in mind:
  • Only individuals 21 and over can purchase recreational marijuana
  • Individuals over 18 can buy medical marijuana with a valid recommendation
  • Possession of up to 28.5 grams of marijuana flower is permitted
  • Possession of up to 8 grams of concentrates is permitted
  • Driving while impaired by marijuana is illegal
  • Individuals can smoke on their own property or rental unit (if landlord permits) but public consumption is not permitted.

In addition to the bullet points above, CA NORML states on their website that:


Commercial sale, cultivation, and production of marijuana are allowed only by licensed providers. Illegal sale, transport, manufacture, cultivation, or possession with intent to sell are generally punishable as misdemeanors, with felony enhancement allowed for special circumstances and three-time offenders. Minors under 18 are in no case subject to imprisonment but may be punished by drug education and community service.

Not all shops and locales will be ready to distribute recreational marijuana by January 1st as local governments are still finalizing regulations in many areas.

Possession of marijuana on school property is illegal. Possession of an open container of marijuana while driving is prohibited.

Although large parks seem like an ideal place to consume marijuana, it is still illegal on any federal land, so make sure you are not smoking in a federal park.

Expect higher prices for recreational marijuana than medical marijuana. Recreational marijuana prices will include state and local taxes/fees in their prices.