Lift&Co. Expo Toronto 2022 Photo Gallery

Photo: Lift&Co. Expo

LIFT&Co. landed at its usual spot for 2022 in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, surrounded by the opulence of skyscrapers, high-end restaurants, and major banking institutions. A few years ago, this location felt at odds with an industry still shedding the stigma of prohibition. But now that legal cannabis has proven itself with an estimated $43.5-billion boost for Canada’s GDP while indirectly sustaining 151,000 jobs nationally, the event is exactly where it belongs.

“Rapid change is the current state of the cannabis industry, both in Canada and across North America,” said Barry Smith, content director for Lift&Co. “The health and vitality of this sector is evidenced at [the event] by the volume of representatives from emerging new start-ups, as well as the growing faculty of pioneer cannabis leaders who are founding second-generation businesses.”


Photos: Lift&Co. Expo