HOJ logo

HØJ is a Danish luxury brand that designs accessories for cannabis, with its headquarters in London but selling online to customers all over the world. Always looking to create a better experience for its customers, the company provides products that incorporate technology and high design with Danish style.

HØJ’s approach is to create products that match the core values and vision of unrelenting craftsmanship, design inspired by nature, and respect for our planet.


HØJ’s best sellers:

  • KØL 2.0: A pipe like you’ve never seen before, rebuilt entirely from the inside out for a smoother experience every time. No more coughing!
  • KLIP: A grinder only by name as it really slices the herb rather than mulching it. A more potent experience with the exact same herb.
  • HAMP: An all-in-one rolling solution that includes filters, a built-in mixing tray, and carefully crafted hemp rolling papers.