Aleafia Health Launches Kin Slips Cannabis-Infused Sublingual Strips

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TORONTO – Aleafia Health Inc. (TSX: AH, OTC: ALEAF) (“Aleafia Health” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the launch of Kin Slips, its rapid onset cannabis-infused sublingual strip portfolio, in the medical and adult-use markets. The innovative, award-winning format further strengthens Aleafia Health’s expansion of differentiated cannabis health and wellness products.

“The launch of Kin Slips in Canada represents a major milestone for Aleafia Health. Only six months after the licensing of our Paris Facility, we’ve brought one of Canada’s most innovative cannabis product formats to market,” said Aleafia Health CEO Geoffrey Benic. “Our team’s dedication has allowed us to deliver a product that stays true to the original vision of one of California’s most recognized cannabis brands.”


“The team at Kin Slips has spent years building, improving and perfecting this product so that it truly resonates with patients and consumers,” said Kin Slips chief product officer and co-founder Joshua Kirby. “To see it enter a new country with a partner in Aleafia Health that shares our values is incredibly gratifying.”

Kin Slips highlights include:

Rapid Onset: Kin Slips offers a fast onset time relative to other non-combustible cannabis products. Placed under the tongue, the active ingredients enter the bloodstream through the sublingual gland, delivering a typical onset time of 10 to 15 minutes (though individual experience may vary). In contrast, edibles enter the bloodstream through the digestive tract and stomach lining, which results in a slower onset time.

Discreet, Novel Form Factor: Roughly the size of a postage stamp, Kin Slips offers consumers and patients a discreet experience. It is also highly accessible for patients with impaired motor functions who face challenges with other formats.

Custom Terpene Profiles: Each Kin Slip SKU features a custom blend of botanically sourced terpenes.

Natural Peppermint Flavour: Kin Slips are formulated with peppermint oil to deliver a fresh minty sensation. They are also vegan and contain only natural ingredients.

The new product line features three profiles and a total of five SKUs. They will be sold to medical patients as Emblem Kin Slips and in the adult-use market as Kin Slips by Symbl.

Float On: Crafted with a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes commonly found in indica strains, Float On features two SKUs of 10 mg and five mg of THC per slip.

Cloud Buster: Crafted with a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes commonly found in sativa strains, Cloud Buster features two SKUs of 10 mg and five mg of THC per slip.

Park Life: Crafted with a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes commonly found in CBD strains, Park Life contains 10 mg of CBD per slip.


About Aleafia Health:
Aleafia Health is a vertically integrated and federally licensed Canadian cannabis company offering cannabis health and wellness services and products in Canada and in international markets. The Company operates medical clinics, education centres and production facilities for the production and sale of cannabis.

Aleafia Health owns three significant licensed cannabis production facilities, including the first large-scale, legal outdoor cultivation facility in Canadian history. The Company produces a diverse portfolio of commercially proven, high-margin derivative products including oils, capsules and sprays. Aleafia Health operates the largest national network of medical cannabis clinics and education centres staffed by MDs, nurse practitioners and educators and operates internationally in three continents.

Innovation, the heart of Aleafia Health’s competitive advantage, has led to the Company maintaining a medical cannabis dataset with over 10 million data points to inform proprietary illness-specific product development and its highly differentiated education platform FoliEdge Academy. The Company is committed to creating sustainable shareholder value; the TSX Venture Exchange named Aleafia the 2019 top performing company prior to its graduation to the TSX.