Apeks Supercritical Launches New Cannabis Extraction Technology

LAS VEGAS – Apeks Supercritical, an industry leading CO2 extraction manufacturer, is once again redefining production limits with an innovative breakthrough that will change how cannabis and hemp processors approach and manage extraction. Apeks is introducing the first truly smart technology in CO2 extraction that leverages artificial intelligence to give operators unprecedented insight into what’s really happening inside the system to increase efficiency and customize yield like never before.

ReFraction will use newly developed intelligent sensors together with sophisticated software to give operators a unique snapshot inside the extraction system and completely eliminates the guesswork out of manual operation.


“Today, even the most experienced extraction operators rely on instinct and guess when it’s the optimum time to switch over between processing cannabinoids and terpenes,” said Apeks founder and General Manager Andy Joseph. This new technology replaces doubt with certainty as the system can either automatically switch or can just alert the operator for more manual control. Working with processors for nearly two decades, we are consistently asked for extraction technology that saves time and money.  ReFraction delivers both.”

ReFraction will improve efficiency, maximize desired outputs and customize yield by automatically detecting saturation levels and CO2 usage inside the machine, then alerting the operator when to switch between cannabinoids and terpenes. It will also automatically sense when diminishing returns begin and prevents a partial extraction. This real time information not only allows operators to customize yields like never before, but also can eliminate the costly time of manually watching the extraction process and allow operators to move on to more productive day-to-day operations.

As demand for oils increase so do demands on extraction systems. ReFraction allows an extraction system to run around the clock without the need for constant operator input. The system allows the operator to program percent of completion and automatically goes into recovery once that percent of completion is achieved. ReFraction will be available on Apeks’ high-output systems including The Duplex and The Force in the summer of 2020.

Learn more at www.apekssupercritical.com/refraction.

 About Apeks Supercritical

Apeks Supercritical, a division of Rough Brothers Inc, has been designing and hand crafting the highest quality botanical CO2 extraction systems since 2001. The company is a pioneer in the cannabis and hemp industries and the first to design CO2 extraction systems specifically for cannabis oil extraction. Apeks continues to lead those industries today through the advancement of cutting-edge technologies like their patented Valveless Expansion Technology, Diaphragm Compressor Technology and fully automated, self-running systems.

Today, Apeks Supercritical has built and distributed more production CO2 extraction systems than any other company in the world and continues to evolve their technology and grow their footprint.