Bluma Wellness Launches Proprietary Seed-to-Sale Platform

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Bluma Wellness Inc. (the “Company” or “Bluma Wellness”) (CSE: BWEL.U) announced that One Plant Florida, the Company’s wholly-owned operating subsidiary, launched its own proprietary e-commerce and seed-to-sale tracking system with its technology partner, Next Choice Advisors. The Alleaves seed-to-sale system is exclusive to the cannabis industry, and One Plant Florida is the first license holder to use the platform in Florida.

Key components of the Alleaves platform include improved access to real-time data, access to forecasting and analytics tools, and enhanced e-commerce and statewide delivery management tools. Partnering with Alleaves allows One Plant Florida to further automate and scale its operations in cultivation, product development, and distribution.


“In a competitive and rapidly growing industry, the ability to scale, apply appropriate resources, and meet customer expectations is critical,” said Bluma Wellness CEO Brady Cobb. “In the first month alone since launching the Alleaves platform, One Plant Florida has been able to decrease order processing and fulfillment times by 30% and increase its average order price, thanks to the platform’s superior functionality in allowing qualified patients to better manage their orders. Not only does the Alleaves platform improve the customer experience, it increases margins and will ultimately foster our continued expansion without a corresponding increase in resources.”

“Previous software platforms have fallen short in true seed-to-sale tracking and actually increased the burdens on their operators with regard to manual processes and compliance, because most systems on the market were built without medical cannabis operational experiences at the forefront, much less a focus on delivery,” said Mike Bondurant, Chief Strategy Officer of Bluma Wellness. “As One Plant Florida continues to expand its development of medical whole flower cannabis, distillate, concentrates, and edible products, the Alleaves platform will give One Plant Florida the ability to scale responsibly, stay nimble, and respond to compliance and regulatory changes within the industry. The platform will also allow us to ramp up the efficiency of our retail dispensaries and expand our delivery and curbside pickup network.”

One Plant Florida intends to integrate all operations at its new 54,000 square-foot cultivation, harvesting, processing, and lab facilities in Indiantown Florida, into the Alleaves platform before the end of 2020.

About Bluma Wellness Inc.
Bluma Wellness Inc. owns and operates a vertically-integrated, licensed medical cannabis company in the State of Florida doing business as “One Plant Florida.” One Plant Florida cultivates, processes, dispenses and retails medical cannabis to qualified patients in the State of Florida through multiple retail dispensaries and an innovative next-day door-to-door e-commerce home delivery service, thereby offering convenient access for its customers and meeting the demands of an evolving retail landscape. Bluma Wellness plans to continue expanding its cultivation and distribution operations as the Florida market grows and may enter into other US states where the production, distribution and use of cannabis is permitted under state law.