Booba and Silent Seeds Announce the Launch of a New Strain of Cannabis (THC), the B-45!

photo of a cannabis nug in the foreground photoshopped onto an image of the moon and space silent seeds logo is at the top of the image

PARIS — Alexandre Lacarré, the co-founder of the Silent Seeds seed bank (formerly Dinafem) and the famous French rapper Booba, have announced a unique cooperation to create B-45, a seed specially designed for the artist. A first in Europe!

With 20 years of experience and R&D, Silent Seeds was Booba’s partner of choice for the creation and distribution of his own strain of cannabis, entirely tailor-made for an exceptional result.


Friday 20 May 2022 will mark the launch of B-45, an Indica-dominant hybrid resulting from crossing (Florida OG x Pre’98 Bubba Kush) x Orange Punch #66. This strain has a record THC content of more than 30%.

“If you want to visit Jamaica, you just have to taste my weed”. -Booba

“From our first meeting, Booba knew exactly what he wanted. We soon came to the conclusion that the cannabis plant held no secrets for him. We would like to thank him and his whole team for their trust and the time they spent with us. This new strain is the result of months of testing and research. The B-45 will be presented at the various rounds of the Cannabis Cup 2023”. – Alexandre Lacarré, Co-founder Silent Seeds

Silent Seeds mark the spectacular return of Dinafem, the company behind ground-breaking strains such as Moby Dick, Critical +2.0 and Original Amnesia. Thus, B-45 has benefited from the gene pool and the ancestral know-how now gathered at Silent Seeds. Its teams are recognized as some of the best geneticists worldwide in the cannabis sector.

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