Cannabis Products For Your Upcoming Music Festival

mg magazine
The summer is heating up which means music festival season is upon us! Burning Man, Outside Lands, Hard Summer, Lollapolza are all coming up in the next month and it’s time to start thinking about what cannabis products you’ll be taking on your journey. As most seasoned cannabis users and festival attendees know, rolling a joint at a festival is not an easy task. Keeping your joints organized by strain and effect is even more difficult when you’re dancing to music for 12 hours straight.
Henry’s Original pre-rolls are the solution to your cannabis festival headaches. With four high-quality and carefully curated pre-rolls per packet, you’ll have enough to last you the whole day and even share amongst your friends. Henry’s pre-rolls are Clean Green Certified which means you’ll always receive the same high-quality pre-rolls every time you spark one from Henry’s.
Featuring four different strains that range from a heavy body-high SFV OG, an alert but elevated Skywalker OG, and two calming but non-psychoactive Coast and Ritual CBD strains. So whether you want to calm down after Future’s turnt-up set at Outside Lands or remember every minute of Odeza’s set at Lollapolza Henry’s Originals has a strain for every occasion.
Available throughout California dispensaries, Henry’s Original CBD-only pre-rolls are $35 per pack. For more information, please go to