CB Therapeutics Announces Closing of the Latest Round of Equity Funding for Scaling Up Biosynthesis Research and Production

CBTherapeutics SUA logo mg magazine
CBTherapeutics SUA logo mg magazine
SAN DIEGOCB Therapeutics, an innovative biotechnology company focusing on research and production of wellness compounds, announced the closing of the first round of equity funding for its research projects. The company raised $7.5 M to establish world-class research facilities in the Southern California region and assemble an impressive scientific team.
“We are excited to announce this milestone,” said Sher Ali Butt, CEO and co-founder of CB Therapeutics. “With the establishment of our labs in the Southern California area, we are poised to accelerate our research efforts and address the ever-growing demand for our services from entities in the U.S. and abroad. We are appreciative and encouraged from the support we’ve received from our partners and we are looking forward to implementing the next steps of our growth strategy.”

About CB Therapeutics
CB Therapeutics utilizes sustainable microorganisms and its proprietary
biotechnology platform to produce therapeutic compounds found in nature. Through biosynthesis, CB Therapeutics has produced various rare compounds that have not been previously available due to the difficulty producing them and the cost inefficiencies in extracting them from nature.