CCIA Issues Safety and Security Alert for California’s Cannabis Industry

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – While we are unified as an industry, a state, and a nation in overcoming social injustices through peaceful civil unrest, the California Cannabis Industry Association has learned that dozens of cannabis businesses across the state have been subjected to violence and burglaries over the past few days. Some of the attacks appear to be well-coordinated break-ins taking advantage of the civil protests and unrest that are occurring in many cities across the country.

In light of these targeted attacks CCIA is putting out this Security Alert to inform members of this rapidly developing situation. In addition, CCIA has requested that regulators immediately remove all cannabis business location information from State websites for the safety and security of businesses and employees. As we have seen throughout California and the nation, cannabis businesses have become targets, and we must take steps to minimize vulnerability. Protecting cannabis businesses and workers is our top priority, and we are in communications with both the administration and the regulators on expedited steps to increase safety and security for our industry.


Although many of our members are already familiar with the Disaster Relief section of the regulations due to COVID-19, we want to remind everyone that temporary relief from specific regulatory or licensing requirements may be granted by the Bureau of Cannabis Control during a disaster, including a riot or terrorism.

In addition, Disaster Relief section §5038 specifically provides for the emergency movement of cannabis to a safe and secure location without prior approval from the BCC as long as proper notification is given and that the steps outlined in the Disaster Relief section are followed.

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We take the safety and security of our members, their businesses and employees very seriously. Please stay alert and monitor developments wherever you live or do business and consider the following additional precautions:

  • Limiting operating hours, especially toward nighttime
  • Limiting delivery operations
  • Increasing security coverage
  • Minimizing cash and inventory on-hand if possible

CCIA stands with you, and we are here to provide support for you, your business, and your workers. Should you or your business need help during this time please reach out to us for assistance.
Lindsay Robinson
Executive Director, CCIA

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The California Cannabis Industry Association was founded on the principle of strength in numbers. The thousands of California businesses involved in our state-legal cannabis industry represent a significant economic force. As the industry’s most influential state trade association, CCIA works everyday to ensure our burgeoning business sector is represented in a professional and coordinated way at the state level.