Chalice Brands, Leading Oregon Cannabis Operator, Unveils New Private Stash Product Portfolio

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Chalice Brands, a premier consumer-driven cannabis company, has unveiled its newest brand, Private Stash, available now. The new line boasts a portfolio of more than 30 products, featuring strain-specific cartridges, flavored edibles, tinctures and distillate cartridges, as well as a variety of hand-crafted, small batch pre-rolls in a selection of classic strains. Products launched at all 16 of Chalice Brands’ dispensaries across the state, including Chalice Farms, Left Coast Connection, Homegrown Oregon, and Cannabliss & Co.

“We developed our new Private Stash line of products as a throwback to the explosion of cannabis use and culture in the Woodstock era. We’re excited about taking things back to the beginning with classic strains like Jack Herer, Maui Wowie and Pineapple Express,” said Meghan Miller, chief operations officer of Chalice Brands.


Private Stash cartridges, driven by flavor, purity and potency, are crafted in small batches and contain refined cannabis distillate oil with 100% solvent-free extract. Strain-specific cartridges with added terpenes are available in the Legacy Stash strain collection, which includes Jack Herer, Maui Wowie, Pineapple Express, OG Kush, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, AK47 and Blueberry strains.

Blast edibles, made with 50mg THC, are available in packs of two for a total of 100mg of THC. Liquid Blasts, launching in the coming weeks, are made with 250mg of THC per two fluid ounce tincture. Blast edibles and tinctures, as well as flavored distillate cartridges, are available in Berry Blackberry, Mary Blueberry, Bohemian Blue Raspberry, Melon-aire Vibes, Apple-solutely the Best, Takes Two to Mango, Strawberry is my Jam, Tropic like it’s Hot, and You’re a Fineapple flavors. Blasts are also available in full-spectrum RSO, with flavor options including Watermelon Mint, Mango Serrano and Pink Lemonade.

Private Stash launched with several new pre-rolls, including the Groovie Doobie, a five-gram party joint with revolving strain options. New Stash Stick infused pre-rolls made with botanical terpene-infused distillate, top-quality indoor cultivated flower and keif and are available in one-gram joints, with a five pack of .8-gram Stash Sticks rolling out in the coming weeks. Stash Sticks are available in Berry Blackberry, Mary Blueberry, Bohemian Blue Raspberry, Melon-aire Vibes, Apple-solutely the Best, Takes Two to Mango, Strawberry is my Jam, Tropic likes it’s Hot and You’re a Fineapple flavors.

Chalice Brands encourages customers to take advantage of its online ordering platform, plus delivery and express pick-up offerings.

The company’s online ordering platform allows customers to reserve products, select options for pick-up in store, utilize curbside pick-up or have products delivered from select dispensary locations. More information on delivery is available here.


About Chalice Brands Ltd.:

Chalice Brands is a premier consumer-driven cannabis company specializing in production, processing, wholesale, distribution and retail, with 12 owned and four managed dispensaries in and around Portland, Oregon. The Company is committed to developing a dynamic portfolio built around the recognized brands of Chalice Brands, including Chalice Farms, Left Coast Connection, Homegrown Oregon and Cannabliss & Co., with a focus on health and wellness. Chalice operates nationally through Fifth and Root and has operations in Oregon and California. Visit for regular updates.

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