Cilicon Introduces the First Cannabis Disposable Vape Pen – GLIST Bar1 with Reoregin™ Ceramic Heating Technology

cilicon vape pen product image

SHENZHEN, China — CILICON, the world-leading innovative technology cannabis vaporizer company, today introduces its first cannabis disposable vape pen with Cilicon’s latest Reoregin™ ceramic heating technology, leading the most natural and explosive vaping performance to individuals and a brand-new cannabis vaping product line for organizations. The stylish GLIST Bar1 is equipped with our exclusive ceramic heating system to achieve 100% flavor delivery, a discreet V-shaped oil chamber to save every drop of the precious cannabis oil, a precise snap-in mouthpiece structure that is easier to be assembled manually, and a design with unconventional polyhedron device body that achieves the lowest rolling and falling risk. GLIST Bar1 is a small-volume disposable that is available in both 0.5 mL and 1 mL oil chambers, it offers a more convenient way to process and consume while leading an unbeatable vaping capacity.

The Pioneer of Disposable with Cilicon Reoregin™ Ceramic Heating Technology – Reveal the Freshness of All Cannabis Concentrates


The most innovative Reoregin™ ceramic heating system comes to GLIST Bar1, discovering every scent molecule in the cannabis oil and delivering the most original fast, and explosive vaping experience. It features larger ceramic porosity throughout the ceramic to absorb sufficient cannabis oil in the shortest time—increasing porosity by almost 5%, and a 2.0×2.8 mm hollow cuboid in the middle of the ceramic which is fully inset with a larger mesh heating coil to maximize the actual heating area and reduce air blocking issue in the vaporizing channel—superior efficiency of heat utilization. Combining the feature of the larger porosity and the mesh heating coil, Cilicon successfully adjusts the heating (or vaporizing) temperature on the ceramic to the perfect level – decreasing by 30%, which is incredibly beneficial for recovering the intense potency and natural flavor of the preserved cannabis oil.

Advanced Simplicity for Processing and Consuming

The newly designed device body and snap-in mouthpiece extend the simplicity of GLIST Bar1 and open up more possibilities for people to carry. The lightweight device body is weighed 19.2 grams, and is available in two specifications: 0.5 mL — 12.60*12.60*102.1mm and 1 mL — 12.60*12.60*112.90mm. The exquisite polyhedron product outlook design in superior texture is a brilliant innovation that differs from other traditional pen-like vapes, and manages to achieve the lowest rolling and falling risk. The V-shaped oil chamber at the bottom supported by the principle of gravity discreetly helps to use up every drop of the preserved cannabis concentrate without extra add-ons or weight. The precision snap-in mouthpiece structure allows workers easier to insert the mouthpiece into the device body only when they find the correct direction. Alongside the ingenious tactile feedback, say goodbye to assembly pressure, snapping is incredibly simple.

With Cilicon’s ongoing mission of leading innovation in the cannabis industry, GLIST Bar1 is the pioneer of cannabis vaping products by adopting Reoregin™ ceramic heating technology. Based on the multi-faceted design in both internal structure and product outlook, GLIST Bar1 could eventually deliver the most original flavor, beast-like clouds people have been chasing, as well as a more convenient product design for processing and consuming.