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RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Claybourne Co. the award-winning cannabis brand based in Southern California’s Inland Empire, founded by Riverside natives and childhood friends, is turning cannabis culture on its head with the announcement of its hardworking, renegade brand ambassador team who are in stark contrast to the slick Hollywood lifestyle so many cannabis brands seek to portray.

“You won’t see any flashy, hype beast, Rolls Royce driving, Gucci wearing Claybourne Co. ambassadors. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not us,” said Claybourne Co. CEO & Co-Founder Nick Ortega.


“We’re building an approachable cannabis brand. It’s important to us to meet our customers where they are. Our ambassador program allows us to authentically connect with our customers in their environment,” he continued.

The talent – from rodeo riders to BMX pros to creators – explores how every day, people are successfully re-writing the rules and pursuing their dreams while incorporating cannabis as part of their daily routine.

The all-California-based roster includes an unfaltering up-and-coming rodeo rookie, Eli Necochea, the audacious Colby Raha, an X-games and free-style motocross competitor who came out of nowhere to reach the pinnacle of his sport, the iconic skateboarder Collin “Provider” Provost, the unconventional Bill Farrelly, a chain-stitch embroidery maker whose work has been seen by millions, and nonconformist stain glass artist, Madison Hahn. The team also includes air conditioning/heating entrepreneur and motorcycle racer Chris Gil, barber and model turned Harley Davidson racer Clayton Braun, and BMX competitor Hobie Doan.

“Claybourne Co. is about people who do their own thing, answer their own call. This is a group of renegades and unsung gamechangers with grit and determination who serve as a daily inspiration to all of us at Claybourne Co. to keep providing a premium, unmatched experience for our customers,” said Jonathan Griffith, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing.

Added Joey daRoza, Claybourne Co.’s Ambassador Team Director and Field Marketing Manager: “We really signed them because they are all really good people with a strong work ethic. We have a strong work ethic here and take a very DIY approach to getting things done. Our goal is to contribute to the normalization of the plant, showing that no matter what you do, if you’re driven to create your own path, cannabis accentuates your ambitions.”

Ambassadors will create content, interact with fans at various tour stops around California and collaborate to promote the Claybourne Co. brand.  Many will wear Claybourne Co. merch and logos in competitions.

And above all else, one thing is certain: they will never shy away from the conversation around the importance cannabis plays in their lives. Learn more about the Claybourne Co. ambassadors at

About Claybourne Co.

Founded in 2017, Claybourne Co. is a critically acclaimed, consumer favorite Southern California-based cannabis breeder, cultivator, and retail brand that is known for its broad line of flower, pre-roll and concentrate products. Claybourne Co.’s mission is to bring the highest quality, flower-based cannabis products to everyone in California. Claybourne Co. sells through independent retailers, and delivery to California’s “pot deserts.” For more information visit and follow us on Instagram @claybourne_co