An entrepreneur born and educated in Dublin transformed his university passion project into a highly successful brand at the forefront of human wellbeing.

Over a decade ago, CEO and co-founder of Goodrays, Eoin Keenan, wrote his first paper for Trinity College University on ‘International Cannabis Policy.’ Fast forward and his name is at the forefront of a movement championing human wellbeing and advocating for social change.


Inspired by university modules on Social Policy, Power State and Social Movements and Conflict Studies, Eoin combined his interest in social change and his passion for CBD (cannabidiol) and seized the opportunity to provide wellness solutions to what he describes as the “most stressed-out generation in history”.

Within the cannabis plant, there are over 120 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These produce effects on one of the human body’s complex regulatory systems and can help regulate the chemical and hormonal functions of the body and keep them balanced. CBD is just one of these 120 cannabinoids. Non-psychoactive, meaning it cannot cause any type of high, the benefits of its use have proven to ease anxiety, improve sleep and promote muscle relaxation.

From travelling across two continents to understand the cannabis plant and those who cultivate it better, to working with industry-leading consultants, Eoin went to great lengths to find the highest quality, highly effective products that helps educate consumers on the history of the much-maligned cannabis plant. Now, complete with a dedicated team of creators, entrepreneurs and artists, his brand Goodrays offers products provided by the world’s best growers.

When asked what inspired him to start his Goodrays journey, Keenan said, “I’ve always been a passionate CBD user and cannabis advocate myself. Helping to launch some of the UK’s first cannabis-based products into the market was a historical moment that I didn’t want to miss.

Through research and dedication, I’ve been able to help lead a brand that creates natural calming solutions from the world’s most misunderstood plant, challenging the stigma and placing human wellbeing as a priority. Goodrays’ provides the market with delicious, alternative ways of consuming high quality CBD.”

About Goodrays

At Goodrays, we’re redefining the future of wellness with the world’s most misunderstood plant. Our premium CBD drinks, CBD oils and CBD gummies deliver sophisticated flavour experiences and genuine relaxation benefits, crafted by experts of the cannabis plant to promise the UK’s most effective doses.

Enjoy relaxing refreshment with sparkling CBD drinks, get your compact calm with our delicious CBD gummies and find zen with our trusted CBD oils. Each product is packed with premium Colorado-grown-CBD, low calories and all natural ingredients.