Dynaleo, High12 Brands to Sell Premium Branded Gummy Products Across Canada

Logo: Dynaleo

TORONTO – Dynaleo, Canada’s highest-capacity manufacturer of premium cannabis-infused soft chews, today announced that it has entered into an agreement (the “Agreement”) to manufacture gummies for cannabis-focused consumer packaged goods company, High12 Brands (“High12”).

Under the Agreement, Dynaleo will manufacture and package the premium gummies which will be marketed and sold in the Canadian market, across various key Provinces. “High12’s focus on innovative product creation, brand marketing and sales, pairs perfectly with our own mission of producing high-quality THC and CBD-infused soft chews for Canadian consumers. By combining innovative design and creative, with best-in-class gummy products, we believe that we can generate significant and sustainable national product demand” said Dynaleo Executive Chairman Michael Krestell.


The production will take place at Dynaleo’s state-of-the-art facility outside of Edmonton, Alberta. The factory is also the first industrial-scale and purpose-built high-volume edible cannabis production facility in Canada. The high-volume capacity will allow High12 to deliver consistent supply to its retail partners across the country.

Dynaleo and High12 Brands expect to launch their initial products towards the end of the year.

“Dynaleo is a world-class partner, providing the operational efficiencies required to gain and maintain national scale, brand power, and retail shelf space,” said Michael Garbuz, CEO of High12. “We continue to be impressed by Dynaelo’s product quality, market foresights, and strategic commercial vision. We look forward to building significant sales across a variety of innovative SKUs, product formats, and channels.”

According to Deloitte’s “Nurturing New Growth” report published in 2019, the Canadian market for 2.0 products is worth C$2.7 billion with edibles representing up to C$1.6 billion or 59% of this product category. Within the edibles segment, current consumers rate cannabis gummies as their preferred edible format.

About Dynaleo
Dynaleo is an Edmonton, Alberta-based licensed processor that is focused on manufacturing cannabis-infused adult chews. Dynaleo’s purpose-built manufacturing plant contains specialized production equipment that it intends to use to produce CBD and THC edibles for the Canadian market that can be customized in a wide range of flavours, textures, colours, shapes and sizes to meet customer’s needs and regulatory requirements. For more information please contact Dynaleo at [email protected]

About High 12 Brands
High12 is a global cannabis consumer packaged goods company. High12 partners with best-in-class manufacturers to build and operate a portfolio of brands tailor-made for cannabis consumers. Combining a community-driven approach, data-driven marketing, and world class creative, High12’s growing portfolio of brands includes DAIZE, Symphony, alice., and Kingsway.High12’s portfolio of brands is backed by award winning strategy and creative, targeting a diverse range of opportune market segments, from budget conscious to premium focused consumers. Employing a consumer-focused approach to product development, High12 Brands’ goal is to raise the standard of how consumers experience cannabis.Learn more about High12 at www.high12brands.com, Kingsway at www.kingswayweed.ca, and DAIZE at https://www.ourdaize.com/.