Family Physician and CEO of Green Harvest Health Dr. Bridget Williams Releases new book Courage in Cannabis

courage in cannabis book cover

Columbus, Ohio — Though controversial and often vilified, cannabis has changed the lives of many people with its medicinal properties and its entrepreneurial promises. In her book, Dr. Bridget Williams has brought together eighteen diverse individuals affected by cannabis to discuss how it changed their lives for the better. The stories reveal the fights that its heroes had to go through in their journeys to using cannabis and getting it accepted legally.

Dr. Bridget had the vision of creating a book that inspired and educated others about cannabis and CBD through storytelling. Even though her background is highly focused in evidence-based medicine, what others find inspirational are the testimonies of everyday people, not the research numbers. Another motivation is that she knows sharing stories is a healing process for the author. “There is a lot of struggle, shame and guilt in the cannabis experience and being able to provide an opportunity for others to resolve their difficulties and celebrate their empowerment is meaningful for me as a physician and a life coach.”


The reception of COURAGE IN CANNABIS has been phenomenal. It was awarded #1 bestseller, Best New Release and International Bestseller on Amazon at its launch in December 2021. COURAGE IN CANNABIS is available on Amazon, Walmart and Barnes-Nobles and books stores across the U.S.


Courage in Cannabis features a forward by author and COO of Cleveland School of Cannabis Kevin Greene. Other authors featured are Cannabis Entrepreneur and Investor Khadijah Adams, Pediatric Cannabis Advocate Dr. Jennifer Anderson, MD, Cannabis Committee Chair from NABCRMP Adilah Anwar, CBD Pioneer Joe Brennan, Cannabis patient and CBD entrepreneur Candy Flores, and more.

About Dr. Bridget Williams

Dr. Bridget Williams, MD, is an established board-certified family physician, author and CEO of Green Harvest Health, medical cannabis and integrative clinics in Ohio. She has nearly 20 years of experience in family medicine from The Cleveland Clinic. As a true entrepreneur, Dr. Bridget has developed flourishing CBD lines and a product development business as well as a nonprofit, Cannabis Can which focuses on networking and eliminating the stigma of cannabis in communities.