GB Sciences, Inc. Enters A New Market by Signing a Contract Farming Agreement for the Development of Boutique Hemp Genetics with the Colorado Hemp Project

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LAS VEGAS, February 27, 2018 – GB Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX) is pleased to announce a new agreement with the Colorado Hemp Project to develop and cultivate boutique genetics and new strains of hemp which will provide the key ingredient in proprietary CBD formulations.

The mission statement of the Colorado Hemp Project is: an organic hemp farm consulting agency that works with local farmers and municipalities across the globe to bring hemp cultivars and resources to the communities that need it the most, with the sole intention of healing the planet by accelerating the establishment of local, sustainable hemp farms and companies everywhere.


GB Sciences believes that hemp will provide an important palette upon which important compounds can be created, and believes that, ultimately, hemp will provide a relatively inexpensive source of important and beneficial cannabinoids. GB Sciences will breed CBD into the genetics of the hemp plants and then analyze and optimize results.

Kevin Kuethe, COO GB Sciences, said: “This arrangement with the superb growers at the Colorado Hemp Project will give us the ability to manipulate genetics in a way that creates rare and beneficial plants, providing us with the necessary link between the research on the one hand and the realization of custom boutique hemp genetics on the other.”

“Wild” Bill Billings, co-founder of the Colorado Hemp Project with daughter Danielle, comments: “More than 25yrs in agriculture business has taught me that the fundamental of any good business is in its relationships with people. For us, it’s all about our relationship with the farmers. We are here to help them. We’ve persuaded these farmers to abandon money losing crops for hemp, a crop that is positioned to change their lives as well as livelihoods. We feel a kindred spirit in the visionary mission of GB Sciences and look forward to changing the face of the world together by educating more people about the magic of the hemp plant.”

John Poss, CEO & Chairman of the Board, concludes: “This is the first of many anticipated collaborations with the Colorado Hemp Project. We consider this a great step forward in developing cannabis genetics for hemp and are extremely pleased to be entering into this venture.”

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