Grower Profitability Visualized with Online Cannabis ROI Calculator


Hydra Unlimited, a leading manufacturer of commercial hydroponic grow solutions, has debuted an online Cannabis Cost of Production

ROI Calculator. By providing known and projected parameters, and modifying factors, growers can develop a cultivation strategy that delivers higher yields and helps them See More Green™. The website is


Using the ROI Calculator is simple. Growers input information that centers around lighting and energy costs, water and nutrient consumption,

and miscellaneous expenses. The summary result is the cost of production per pound of crop. Users can modify data to see how small changes can affect overall profit. While a HydraMax recirculating deep water culture (RDWC) system with TetraBase® media from

Hydra Unlimited delivers premium results, the calculator can be used with any RDWC setup.

“Cannabis has quickly become one of the most competitive agricultural segments in North America,” said Mark Herrema, VP of engineering

and marketing. “Our new calculator provides growers a valuable tool to optimize their commercial cannabis operation for maximum profitability.”

With a combined 40 years of water management expertise, Hydra Unlimited designs, engineers and manufactures hydroponic solutions in

the USA. It offers complete circulation and aeration and DWC systems, as well as its pioneering growing media, TetraBase.

Contact Hydra Unlimited, 960 74th St. SW, Byron Center, MI 49315. 616-277-5138.; LinkedIn:

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