HEAVY MELTA Launches Indoor Mashup Pre-Roll

Logo: Heavy Melta

LOS ANGELES – HEAVY MELTA, A California Cannabis Lifestyle brand with deep industry roots disrupts the scene with the most powerful Pre-Roll to hit the market to date. HEAVY MELTA’s Indoor Mashup weighs in at nearly 2 grams of exotic indoor flower laced with its proprietary Melta Sauce, a blend of Live Resin, HTE, and Diamonds unique to each Strain.

“What sets our Pre-Roll apart from everything else on the market, is everything about it. We threw the notion of a budget out the window when formulating our Indoor Mashup, because the most sophisticated cannabis connoisseur deserves the convenience of a Pre-Roll. When you light up our Indoor Mashup not only do you get an incredibly smooth smoking experience, you can also trust that our flowers test at 26%+ THC and that our Melta Sauce Live Resin, HTE and diamonds are free of distillate, keif or artificial terpenes,” said Anthony Capone, HEAVY MELTA Co-Founder.


The Founders’ long standing relationships with award-winning indoor flower farms ensure top quality sourcing for HEAVY MELTA’s Indoor Mashup Pre-Roll, which is small batched and hand crafted in Los Angeles. The brand was developed with a very particular consumer in mind.

“We developed our Indoor Mashup Pre-Roll as our flagship product to commemorate the original cannabis enthusiast that the industry forgot. The past couple of years of innovation have been tailored to the needs of the novice consumer entering the recreational market. I was a big part of that innovation and I am thankful our culture and medicine expanded demographics, but I also wanted to give back to the OGs,” said Jason Cappelli, HEAVY MELTA Co-Founder.

HEAVY MELTA’s product line includes the most potent Flower, Pre-Rolls and Concentrates available in California along with its direct to consumer apparel line. HEAVY MELTA’s branding celebrates the Rock ‘n’ Roll culture that revolutionized belief systems across the globe. Rooted in Los Angeles, HEAVY MELTA commemorates the original cannabis enthusiast with the elevated smoking experience they deserve. Co-Founder, Anthony Capone builds on his brand portfolio with HEAVY MELTA, which includes cult favorite, Packwoods. Co-Founder, Jason Cappelli has over 2 decades of experience in cultivation, genetics and brand development for some of the cannabis industry’s most successful brands. To find a HEAVY MELTA product near you, visit our store locator at www.HeavyMelta.la