HowHi App Launches to Record Effects of Cannabis in Real Time

Logo: HowHi App

LOS ANGELES – Rowe Policy + Media (“RPM”) announces the launch the HowHi app to raise awareness of their free tool. The HowHi app is built around a simple, private survey that collects basic, anonymized information about you and your past/current cannabis use, including the option to create an account and keep a personal cannabis journal. The privacy-protected data it generates will be used to help cannabis researchers and product developers provide intelligence on what you can expect with cannabis products in future sessions.

Developed by cannabis researcher and public policy expert, Brad Rowe, founder of RPM, who saw a clear need for a tool like this as cannabis regulations opened up further markets and adult usage. Soon, the effects of THC and CBD will be as easy to understand as those of a beer or glass of wine.


“Having a predictable, enjoyable experience with cannabis shouldn’t be a random lottery. If you have a couple of alcohol drinks you know what effect, they will have on you and for how long.” The HowHi data team refers to this measurement as Quality, Amplitude and Duration, or QAD. “We want to develop and share the same knowledge for consumers of the wide array of cannabis products that are now available and that are in development. The data from this app will get us much closer to that goal.”

Co-Founding Partner, Ellen Bollinger, brings strong media, B2B and B2C strategic marketing skills, and proven brand-building successes as well as industry-specific knowledge and contacts. These have been cultivated during recent years in sales, marketing, and event production for WeedWeek, CBD Business Media and The Green Market Report which followed a decade each at The New York Times and The Nation, and the spearheading of the launch of NY1 News, and the creation of the First Annual New York Yankees Fan Festival.

“Knowing (and remembering) how you reacted to edibles, flower, sublinguals, etc. is key to ensuring an enjoyable sesh. Keeping track of a physical diary is hard but you know where your phone is. HowHi’s sister brand ChroniclrTM will chart your journey while providing valuable insights to growers, product developers, and marketers.”

The HowHi app is available now on IOS and Android.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Rowe Policy + Media is a research, consulting and media firm that develops solutions to policy issues that affect people’s safety, well-being and equity in society. They also design and create compelling, easily understood messaging to bring light and heat to these issues.