Huxton Launches Glass Barrel-Slow Cured Premium Product Line

HUXTON mg magazine
HUXTON mg magazine

PHOENIX – Huxton, one of the leading experience-based cannabis brands in the U.S., announced today the launch of its new premium product line, BLCK. Transcending the cannabis industry’s traditional cultivation methods, harvesting standards and curing processes, BLCK is Huxton’s premium single strain product line that is hand selected, hand trimmed, specialty dried, and uniquely slow-cured in glass barrels. Expanding on Huxton’s experience-based cannabis product series that allows consumers to select their desired effect to craft an experience of their choice, BLCK is designed to experience an “occasion.” Slow-cured in glass barrels for 30 to 60 days and directly transferred to glass packaging, BLCK’s “glass-to-glass” technique produces top quality cannabis product, profile and potency, crafting Huxton’s first premium product line.

Cultivated, harvested and packaged in Arizona, Huxton’s botanists and expert cultivators apply the latest knowledge in cannabis science to hand select pre-eminent genetics that formulate the BLCK product family. Featuring popular and well-known cannabis single strains, Green Crack, Wonder Woman OG and Cannalope Haze, the BLCK product family elevates the quality, potency and purity of traditional strains with Huxton’s BLCK “rite of passage” and artisan process. From an indoor farm to consumers’ hands, Huxton’s BLCK products are grown with a small-batch approach and undergo thorough testing throughout the entire cannabis lifecycle to ensure maximum quality.


“BLCK personifies Huxton’s continued and ultimate devotion to quality and craftsmanship,” said Chelsea Johnson, co-founder of Huxton. “At the grow, our most premium and popular genetics go through a labor-intensive rite of passage that requires hand selection, hand trimming, specialty drying and curing, and careful packaging. It takes BLCK longer to journey from harvest to dispensary, but it results in the production of premium cannabis with unparalleled products, profiles and potency.”

Starting with Huxton’s proprietary blend of all-natural soil, Huxton’s team hand waters and continuously monitors and test the plants’ health to determine which marijuana plants will be harvested for BLCK. Abiding by food-grade agriculture standards, the plants undergo thorough inspections. Hand selected, based on exceptional cannabis profile standards, only a small percentage are selected to curate BLCK.

Each BLCK plant is hand manicured at multiple stages of the curation process to preserve the highest level of integrity in the BLCK plant and product, including before drying, glass curing and again before packaging. To prepare for the slow-cured glass curation, BLCK is dried for two to four weeks to achieve an exact moisture and condition for optimal curing.

Glass curation causes the cannabinoid profiles to condense, sugars to multiply and the natural interferences of scents and flavors to evaporate, resulting in the purest form of cannabis product. Huxton’s BLCK glass curation process also preserves the fullest integrity of the plant’s natural terpenes, which give cannabis its aromatic and flavor diversity. As a delicate, yet critical component of exceptional cannabis profiles, terpenes can be easily compromised with traditional cure processes, altering the desired smell and flavor characteristics of cannabis products. Huxton’s BLCK glass curing results in superlative product characteristics that reveals cannabis in its purest form. The 30 to 60-day slow cure process also allows each bud to equalize in moisture, ensuring every single BLCK bud is 100 percent consistent in taste, potency and quality with each purchase.

Fully preserving the cannabis trichomes, cannabis profiles and cure results achieved during the unprecedented glass barrel slow curing process, Huxton’s BLCK product is transferred directly from glass barrels to glass packaging. The glass-to-glass technique is the final and paramount step that defines BLCK’s premium product family.

Huxton’s BLCK product family is available in Wonder Woman OG, Green Crack and Cannalope Haze. Each are sold in eighth jars and vape pens, with prerolls available for purchase soon.

For more information about Huxton and its BLCK products, please visit or email [email protected].