incredibles Continues to Grow its Cannabis Product Portfolio, Expanding into Six States

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DENVER — A pioneer in cannabis edibles and extracts, incredibles announced today its market expansion and new vegan gummy product. The brand continues with an aggressive growth plan and new medically focused products in the pipeline. Born in Colorado, Expanding Beyond  According to market research firm BDS Analytics, incredibles closed out 2018 as the producer of Colorado’s No. 1-selling infused chocolate bar and the No. 2-selling medical gummy. incredibles’ gummy sales in the medical category grew faster than any other brand last year. incredibles is also the second-largest wholesaler of edible products in the state. With three separate product lines, incredibles, incredible Wellness®️ and incredible Extracts®️, the brand has dominated the Colorado adult-use and medical markets in the last decade. incredibles released three 1,000mg chocolate bars at medical dispensaries in Colorado earlier this month. “We've spent years developing a process to create the most accurate infused products on the market,” said Bob Eschino, founder and president of incredibles and parent company, MC Brands, LLC. “Our success in Colorado stems from listening to patients needs and staying committed to handcrafted, quality cannabis made by trained chefs.”
incredibles is building on its success by launching its sought-after product lines in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Puerto Rico through licensing agreements with local operators. The company is also expanding the incredible Wellness®️ line to include CBD-infused bath salts, complementing its array of pressed tablets, tinctures and suppositories.
“As we find partners that uphold our quality and production standards, incredibles will continue to expand as rapidly as those standards and legalization allow,” added Eschino. “We will stay committed to product safety, extraction purity and lab testing to keep delivering incredible edibles.”
Delicious Vegan Watermelon Gummy Just in Time for Summer The new incredibles Sativa Watermelon Gummy is made with all-natural colors and flavors, organic fruit juices and fruit pectin rather than gelatin, and packaged in a USA-made, eco-friendly bottle. The new product offers 10mg THC per piece and infused with energizing, cannabis-derived sativa terpenes.
“The incredibles watermelon gummy tastes incredible and making great-tasting edibles is what we do best,” said Rick Scarpello, founder and CEO of incredibles and MC Brands. “The gummy has a superior mouth feel and is a harder chew than the typical pectin-based products. Consumers will appreciate the difference.”
The Watermelon Gummy is currently available at recreational Colorado retailers including Green Heart, A Cut Above and The Health Center. incredibles continues to innovate in its product categories with changing consumer needs and feedback.
To create a vegan gummy different than any other on the market, incredibles spent more than two years working on its own next-level offering. Additional flavors for both the medical and adult-use markets are under development. incredibles Expertise Starts in the Kitchen incredibles was founded in 2010 by Bob Eschino, Rick Scarpello, Derek Cumings and Joshua Fink as part of the Medically Correct portfolio. With a combined 30 years in food production expertise, Eschino and Scarpello take pride in incredibles’ culinary foundation with classically-trained chefs running the kitchen and a shared goal of bringing professional and consistent edibles to the cannabis marketplace.
The incredibles founders have focused on quality cannabis genetics, product safety, extraction technology and great taste that have elevated the incredibles brand to a cult classic with consumers and budtenders. incredibles has its own cultivation facility with more than 20 strains. The company currently has more than 50 SKUs across the three product divisions incredibles, incredible Wellness®️ and incredible Extracts®️.

About incredibles

incredibles is an award-winning brand in the Medically Correct portfolio (MC Brands LLC) founded in 2010 after “cannabis-infused cookies for Grammy” were life changing for the co-founder’s family. Medically Correct has grown into an industry leader with products available in six states and Colorado’s highest-volume and most nationally awarded cannabis-infused product manufacturing company. incredibles features a full line of THC-infused terpene-rich cannabis products, incredibles, incredible Wellness®️ and incredible Extracts®️ and continues to lead the industry in innovative chocolates, vape pens, extracts and confections with more product lines in development. Visit for more information.
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