Industrial Sonomechanics Announces All-In-One NanoStabilizer®-LSO for Water-Soluble CBD/THC Powder Production

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MIAMI — Industrial Sonomechanics, LLC, (ISM) a research & development, equipment design and process consulting firm, specializing in scalable high-intensity ultrasonic technology and advanced nanoemulsion formulations announces the commercial availability of All-In-One NanoStabilizer®-LSO. The NanoStabilizer®-LSO formulation enables companies to create water-soluble nanoemulsion powders from active ingredients, such as CBD, Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, essential oils, vitamins, nutraceuticals, and many others.

“Over the past year, ISM has experienced significant interest from customers for a flexible, yet cost-effective method to create a finished nanoemulsion in powder form that reconstitutes back into a liquid nanoemulsion upon contact with water” notes Alexey S. Peshkovsky, Ph.D., Co-founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Industrial Sonomechanics. “As with the NanoStabilizer®-LT formulation, with NanoStabilizer®-LSO, consumers of cannabis-infused products can take advantage of much stronger, faster, more predictable and closely reproducible effects of cannabinoids and other bioactives converted into the water-compatible form.”


Peshkovsky continues, “NanoStabilizer®-LSO is an all-natural and, optionally, organic formulation that, in combination with our ultrasonic processors and appropriate drying/powderization equipment, can be used to convert hydrophobic bioactive ingredients such as CBD, THC, essential oils and vitamins into water-soluble powders, which can be added to beverages, edibles and topicals or consumed directly as fast-dissolving tablets.”

Designed for optimal performance and predictable outcomes when used with ISM’s high-amplitude Barbell Horn® Ultrasonic Technology-based processors, the all-in-one NanoStabilizer®-LSO formulation provides the following benefits:

● Easily converts bioactive ingredients such as CBD, Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC, essential oils and vitamins into water-soluble powders without requiring any additional ingredients.

● Improves bioavailability, shortens onset of action and ensures reproducible dosing.

● Provides a means to commercially produce water-soluble nanoemulsion powders of bioactive extracts without having to develop formulations and processing procedures.

● Achieves reconstituted droplet sizes of around 150 nm at bioactive concentrations of up to 200 mg/ml (20 %), ensuring permanent water-compatibility.

● Provides permanent kinetic stability against oil-phase separation in nanoemulsion concentrates, water-soluble powders, and resulting infused products.

NanoStabilizer®-LSO is a proprietary all-in-one blend of natural, (optionally) organic and tasteless carrier oils, emulsifiers, and humectants needed to ultrasonically nano-emulsify hydrophobic bioactive extracts (full- and broad-spectrum oils, distillates, isolates, vitamins, essential oils, terpenes, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals) and to convert them into water-soluble powders.

About Industrial Sonomechanics LLC.
Industrial Sonomechanics LLC (ISM) is a U.S.-based research & development, equipment design and manufacturing, and process consulting firm specializing in high-intensity ultrasonic technology for liquid treatment. ISM’s patented Barbell Horn® Ultrasonic Technology allows generating extremely high ultrasonic amplitudes and cavitation intensities at any scale, making it possible to directly apply laboratory optimization results in an industrial production environment. ISM helps businesses optimize their ultrasound-assisted processes and implement them in commercial-scale production. Globally, clients can utilize ISM’s ultrasonic liquid processors in conjunction with NanoStabilizerⓇ formulations or contract with ISM to provide finished nanoemulsions. Visit for more information. Continue the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.