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HOUSTON – Rowller® is a startup company with a simple goal in mind, to re-innovate the cannabis industry. We are pleased to present the first pocket-sized joint roller, the Sigma.

The Sigma has a sleek design, easy to use, fits in a pocket and it will make the experience to roll the perfect joint easy and fast. Developed in a garage by the most unlikely pair, this device will change the way you feel towards the industry. Inspired by jewelry, the casing around the Sigma is made from aluminum, in which case, it will make the Sigma last a lifetime, if properly cared for.


The Sigma has 3 main components, the acrylic inside that allows the user to see the process of rolling a joint. The rubber base, which grabs the paper and rolls it in and the cap, which includes a stick to compress the herbs. It is also important to mention the canted springs that allow the latching mechanism of the base and the cap to stay in place, making the device secure.

While working on the first prototypes, one of the comments from our focus groups was “my grandma borrowed it and she never gave it back.” Another comment was “This will save me so much money, I don’t need to buy cones anymore.”

The intention of Rowller® as a company, is to make our costumers feel that the rolling process of a perfect joint is very easy and enjoyable. We are excited for the future of the Cannabis industry and we are proud to be part of it.

About Rowller LLC

Rowller LLC was founded by a Music Producer and a Mechanical Engineer in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. This unlikely pair teamed up to develop what is now the Sigma. Out of frustration of not having a device that would enable to roll a perfect joint, they decided to create a new and innovative design to make the experience of rolling a perfect joint, easy and fast. After spending countless days and nights in the garage, conceptualizing, designing & engineering, prototyping, testing, and revising what is now Sigma, they founded a company to introduce the Sigma to the whole world. To learn more about Sigma and Rowller® please visit