Latest ORGANIC cultivation techniques: Small MA company leads the way

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SOUTHBRIDGE, MASS. – Green Meadows, a cannabis company based in the heart of Southbridge, Mass., has brought organic cannabis to central Massachusetts, with its homegrown, organic cannabis products hitting the shelves of its Southbridge dispensary today, located at 64 Mill St, after completing final inspections on Thursday, November 18.  Soon cannabis consumers across the state will be able to enjoy Green Meadows organic cannabis via wholesale partnerships.

Green Meadows’ organic cannabis is grown in its 35,000-square-foot cannabis production facility that sits in the same restored 19th century mill building as its dispensary, bringing a whole new meaning to locally grown. The large production space has been designed to deploy organic and environmentally responsible methods, which includes a patent-pending fertigation system to maximize purity and efficiency, integrated pest management program that exceeds Clean Green Certification standards, as well as new processes for fertilizer use, propagation and soil blending.


The cultivation team at Green Meadows leans into the principles of Korean Natural Farming which strive to create an ideal environment for microorganisms and plants to grow. Green Meadows leverages “living soil”,  which uses indigenous microorganisms (IMOs) and plants, animals, and minerals from the local environment for feeding cannabis plants. The end result? The richer the soil, the richer the flavor and aroma profiles of the terpenes, deepened distinction between strains, rich flavor that persists even at the bottom of the bowl.

“At Green Meadows, we are committed to natural, low-to-no chemical cultivation and extraction, which includes avoiding the potentially dangerous industry practice of using hydrocarbons for extraction, even though it makes cannabis products more expensive to produce,” said Benjamin Bourque, EVP of Cannabis Production at Green Meadows. “This means our customers enjoy cannabis they can feel good about consuming and result in a better experience, too. Our organic, sustainable cultivation and processing methods result in richer terpene profiles, more robust flavors, smoother products and, for the flower, a cleaner, brighter, whiter ash.”

Organic cannabis products available

Green Meadows organic Double Chocolate is now available in 3.5 oz flower eighths, and will be available later this month as 1oz flower, pre-roll joints, enhanced pre-rolls infused with concentrates, and soon will be developed into byproducts including bubble hash and pressed rosin. Bred with Coco Melon and an OG Chocolate Thai, this strain is doubled up on the heavy chocolate flavors and aromas from both parenting strains. Double Chocolate has mainly Sativa effects that can be beneficial to focus, concentration, creativity, and most social situations. Green Meadows’ Double Chocolate testing confirmed 23.4% THC content.

Green Meadows’ first limited release of organic, homegrown product, Larry Lovestein, sold out within the first 72 hours. The Larry Lovestein small batch strain is a smooth, earthy indica-leaning hybrid cross of Chem 4 and Larry OG. Reported effects include elevated mood and muscle relaxation, per guest reviews at Green Meadows. Keep an eye on Green Meadows social media channels and website for updates on the next release of Larry Lovestein and other organic products.

Now that it is vertically integrated, Green Meadows will activate its medical cannabis license and serve registered patients along with adult-use customers once its medical inspection is complete later this month.

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