LeafWorks Announces Certified Feminized Seal; Humboldt Seed Co. Partnership


SEBASTOPOL, Calif. – LeafWorks Inc., a female-founded genetics company specializing in plant identification, research and development for the cannabis/hemp and herbal industries today announced the launch of the LeafWorks Certified Feminized Seal. The LeafWorks Certified Feminized Seal certifies that cannabis/hemp seeds are female, the desired gender for cultivation. This provides the cultivator the opportunity to use the seal on their packaging, verifying their product is third-party tested. The LeafWorks Certified Feminized Seal will assist in combating fraud in the industry by ensuring customers and cultivators know exactly what they’re buying and selling.

In cannabis/hemp, male plants do not produce the flower that is coveted by cultivators. Moreover, males can pollinate female plants thus affecting their flower production. In today’s market, customers too often purchase seeds that are designated as feminized, but ultimately include a disproportionate number of males. LeafWorks utilizes DNA testing to detect if there is a Y-chromosome in a seed and requires statistically significant number of seeds tested be female in order to grant the certification. To ensure the integrity of the Seal, LeafWorks’ formula is statically informed to verify quality control. To solidify consistency over time, LeafWorks will also randomly audit seeds in the marketplace.


Humboldt Seed Company + Third Party Verification
Humboldt Seed Company (HSC), the largest legal cannabis/hemp seed seller in California, has asked LeafWorks to certify all 21 of this year’s feminized seed lines. HSC unveiled their partnership with LeafWorks Inc. at the 2019 Emerald Cup, Northern California’s premier cannabis/hemp expo, implementing the Seal onto their verified seed packets. HSC is the very first third-party-certified feminized seed seller in cannabis and hemp.

“The LeafWorks seal shows our customers that there’s due diligence happening in our seed production. We feel great about displaying the LeafWorks Certified Feminization Seal on our products because they are a trustworthy company that is aligned with the values that many have worked hard to instill into their cannabis businesses,” said Nathaniel Pennington, CEO + Founder of Humboldt Seed Company. “LeafWorks isn’t in business to harvest your proprietary cannabis DNA and engineer genetically modified super weed, they’re in business to utilize appropriate technology to improve our ability as cannabis farmers to work with the plant we love.”

About LeafWorks Inc.
LeafWorks Inc. is a genetics company co-founded by CEO Eleanor Kuntz, PhD and CSO Kerin Law, PhD, specializing in plant identification, research, and development to protect and advance the cannabis, hemp, and herbal industries. LeafWorks Inc. helps cultivators continue to be leaders in their industry by providing plant DNA testing and services to help preserve their genetic IP, improve efficiency, and ultimately evolve their grow. LeafWorks Inc. is the exclusive DNA testing company partner of the non-profit Canndor Herbarium, the world’s first and only cannabis/hemp herbarium, which holds plant vouchers for hundreds of different cannabis/hemp plants accumulated by the cannabis community itself.