Legacy Cannabis Edibles Brand Cheeba Chews Launches Live Rosin-Infused Pâte De Fruit Chew MELTS

Cheeba chews melts display image the rectangular metal container is opened revealing the orange edibles inside and another container is placed next to the open container showcasing the yellow and blue label

DENVER — Cheeba Chews, the award-winning cannabis-infused edibles brand, has launched MELTS, its first all-natural, live rosin-infused pâte de fruit chew edible. Made with five simple ingredients, including fruit purée, pectin and beet sugar, MELTS offer recreational consumers a vegan-friendly option that incorporates an entourage of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that delivers full-plant effects in a long-lasting edible experience.

“With the emergence of live rosin-infused products, the time was ripe for us to respond to our customers’ request for an edible that fits specialized dietary plans and evolves to meet more seasoned expectations,” said Eric Leslie, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Owner of Cheeba Chews. “As we developed MELTS, our focus kept turning to cannabis consumers who are looking for a pure edible solution. We came up with a product that has a unique complexity and true essence of the cannabis plant with the aroma, taste and effects to match it.”


Each craft batch of dairy- and gluten-free MELTS is carefully hand-blended with live rosin and fruit purée. By using a locally sourced solventless, full-spectrum cannabis oil blend that includes full-melt bubble hash from freshly frozen plants, edible connoisseurs can explore their cannabis palate while experiencing the complementary flavor pairing between terpene-rich rosin and specific fruit purées.

From premium ingredients and the small-batch infusion process, to the look and feel of the packaging, MELTS development over the last year has been an intentional practice of beautiful simplicity for Cheeba Chews, renowned for its award-winning taffies.

Cheeba Chews MELTS come in tins of 10 with 10mg of THC per piece and are currently available in three flavors across Colorado: Sweet Strawberry Jam, Fresh Apricot Jelly and Toasted Coconut Purée.

For more information on MELTS, visit cheebachews.com/melts.

About Cheeba Chews

Born in Colorado in 2009, Cheeba Chews is known for its consistently delicious award-winning confections. From original chocolate and caramel chews to newer offerings—such as the Sleepy Chews and Trifecta lines of low-calorie, fat-free taffies featuring an entourage of emerging cannabinoids like CBG and CBN—Cheeba Chews’ unique products tap into the increasingly in-demand cannabis derived wellness market. With a focus on quality and consistency, consumers trust Cheeba Chews to deliver in taste and reliability. Cheeba Chews products are currently available in medical and recreational markets in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada and Oklahoma. Whether it’s focus, feel-good vibes or a restful night, we got Chew. Learn more: cheebachews.com.