Legion of Bloom Releases Premium Live Resin Concentrate Product Line

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Northern California-– Sonoma County based cannabis company, Legion of Bloom, released its premium Live Resin concentrate products. Perfect for dabbing or vaping, Legion Live Resin is all about maintaining the complex terpene profile of the entire cannabis plant.

Top shelf live resin starts with Legion’s all natural premium cannabis flowers. Pesticide and chemical free, the small scale farming methods allow Legion’s flower to have a specific genetic complexity. Flower with elaborate terpene and cannabinoid spectrums are selected. The indica flower used in live resin extraction is alive with myrcene terpenes, giving dabbers a flavorful, grounding, and  earthy experience.


Resin is the sticky, crystalline source of all of the plants cannabinoids and terpenes. Starting with cannabinoid and terpene saturated fresh harvested flower and extracting at supercritical -40°c temperatures, is what gives Legion’s live resin its exceptional flavor and notably high THC levels, up to 80%.

Co Founder Troy Meadows states, “With our live resin, we created a dabbing experience that emulates the full-bodied, aromatic experience of a fully mature cannabis plant. Our below freezing extraction temperatures assure that the live resin potency is maximized while preserving the flavor and fragrance. No terpene expression is left untapped!”

Legion Live Resin is available in sativa, hybrid, and indica sauce and sugar concentrates. It is now available at Sparc, Abatin Wellness, Urban Leaf, Citidank, and Apothekare for adult use, and at Point Loma Patient Consumer Cooperative and Bud and Bloom for both adult use and medicinal patients. A 0.5 gram container retails for $35-$40 /.5gram.