Mind-Altering Motifs in Melloaid by Aimée Wilder

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Aimée Wilder introduces Melloaid, a new collection of wallpaper for which the designer explored the healing and calming properties of psychonautic experiences, a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness. The patterns in Melloaid portray botanical and chemical imagery of cannabis and psychedelic molecules that carry the mind to mystical states of the subconscious.

The brand’s namesake founder, Aimée Wilder shares, “As the legalization of cannabis continues to expand and its therapeutic benefits are being studied and more widely accepted, I wanted to explore psychonautic experiences and their mellowing power.”



  • Buddy: A true blend of old and new, Buddy is a realistic cannabis botanical pattern inspired by the traditional decorative Toile de Jouy technique.
  • Wallpaper colors: Fuzz, Kush, Airplane, Amnesia, Charcoal, Diesel, Doobie, Forbidden, Haze, Herb, Jane, Knight, Matcha, Pearl, Reefer and Widow
  • Wallpaper Repeat: 45 inches (largest bud is 9” tall)
  • Warped: A psychedelic graphic print depicting a floating pattern of pot leaves, blunts, and individually wrapped edibles.
  • Wallpaper colors: Charcoal, Fog, Fuzz, Jungle, Loll, Marseille, Mermaid, Orbit, Puff, Smartie, Smoke, Sunny, Tweezer, Zkittles
  • Wallpaper Repeat: 27” (Largest leaf is 4.7” tall)
  • Float: Subtly textured watercolor pot leaves float across the wall’s space in a mural format.
  • Wallpaper colors: Airglow, Apoth, Ashlar, Bubba, Cheeba, Contrast, Dart, Invert, Luna, Okapi, Papua, Shrub, Sloth, VegaWallpaper Repeat: 25” (Largest bud is 5.2” tall)
  • Dynamic Dose: Colorful capsules take on a 3-dimensional appearance in this graphic pattern.
  • Wallpaper colors: Gum, Alligator, Bounce, Bubble, Chill, Disco, Gelato, Melody, Skunk, Transcends, Dazed, Matrix
  • Wallpaper Repeat: 6.5” (Largest bud is 2.85” tall)
  • Shroom: A graphic cityscape of fungal fruiting bodies in a trippy range of colorways.
  • Wallpaper colors: Enlighten, Pedro, Potion, Topi, Dreams, Fungi, Ghost, Juice, Laffy, Magic, Milky, Moon, Potion. Toad
  • Wallpaper Repeat: 18.7” (Mushroom is 13.3” tall)
  • Magic Molecules: A new adaptation from Aimée Wilder’s classic Love Molecules, Magic Molecules depicts a selection of various psychoactive molecular compounds that are derived from plant alkaloids.
  • Wallpaper colors: BlueGray, Charcoal, Contrast, DarkBlue, DarkGreen, LightGreen, Lolly, Peach, Turquoise
  • Wallpaper Repeat: 25” (Each molecule is approximately 4” tall)

Melloaid wallpapers are pigment-printed by hand in the USA on clay-coated, FSC-certified paper and sold by the double roll (30 feet in length). For higher traffic and commercial environments, it is also available on a range of Type II substrates.

About Aimée Wilder

Wilder was born and raised in New York and graduated from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2001. She has held positions as a designer for several iconic firms including DwellStudio, Martha Stewart Living, and The Gap. Transfixed by the world of textiles and design, she launched her namesake wallpaper brand at New York’s ICFF in 2009 after her first fashion licensing contract with Vans in 2008. Known for bold designs and a playful aesthetic, Aimée Wilder has expanded its line to include tile, home textiles and handmade rugs, as well as accessories such as pillows and poufs.