Moose Labs Introduces Natural Corn Fiber MouthPeace Filters

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LOS ANGELES — Moose Labs, a product innovation company for the cannabis industry announced the newest addition to its collection of germ-prevention accessories; a new biodegradable natural Corn Fiber MouthPeace Filter.

The MouthPeace is the first physician-backed, germ-preventing accessory designed to fit joints, glass pipes, vape pens, and e-cigarettes, preventing direct oral contact with a variety of shared smoking devices. The MouthPeace Filter was created to enhance your smoking experience using  a proprietary triple-layer filtration system that reduces resin, contaminants, and tar.


While the original Filter’s fibers are a non-woven design with a layer of activated carbon, which has natural sanitizing properties, the new eco-friendly version leverages natural corn-fiber filtration and is completely biodegradable.

Nearly 400 million tons of corn goes to waste each year, paving the way for possible innovations leveraging corn parts for fiber. Better yet, the production and use of corn fiber means less greenhouse gases are added to the atmosphere. Corn fiber is derived from naturally occurring plant sugars and is fully eco-compatible. When products made from corn fiber come to the end of their useful life, they can be returned to the earth, completing the life cycle of production, consumption, disposal and re-use. Corn fibers also have a low odor retention, making it a perfect material for filtering cannabis products that tend to leave a lingering aroma.

“Ironically, the cannabis industry isn’t very ‘green,’ so a major goal of ours this year is to find ways to make clean cannabis consumption habits less wasteful. You may still be throwing away alcohol wipes or q-tips, but we hope this relieves the guilt eco-conscious consumers may feel when they throw out a used MouthPeace Filter,” said Jay Rush, Co-Founder of Moose Labs.

Similar to the original carbon Filters, the new corn fiber Filter will come in two sizes for fitting snugly inside the MouthPeace made for bongs and the MouthPeace Mini made for joints, blunts, or vapes. The MouthPeace Corn Fiber Filter Roll, complete with 10 Filters retails for $8.49 USD, and the MouthPeace Mini Corn Fiber Filter Box retails for $7.49 USD.

The MouthPeace Mini, the Original MouthPeace, and Filters for both devices are available online at or found in-store at select retailers and dispensaries. For more information or to schedule an interview, please reach out to Kim Ring at 314-495-4589 or via email at [email protected]

About Moose Labs

California-based Moose Labs is a product design and development company that creates alternative harm-reduction innovations for the cannabis industry. After developing the original, germ-free silicone mouthpiece for consumption events back in 2014, the MouthPeace has evolved into one of the bestselling smoke shop accessories of all time. The patented design is universally fitting for all pipes, joints, and vaporizers; and is a must-have for the social smoker.

The MouthPeace Mini, released in 2020 was recognized as a ‘World Changing Idea’ in 2021 by Fast Company, a competition showcasing some of the world’s most inventive entrepreneurs and companies tackling exigent global challenges. For more information, or to purchase, visit