New Cannabis Flower in Massachusetts: Neighborgoods Homegrown Premium Cannabis Launches


Neighborgoods Homegrown Premium Cannabis Launches in Massachusetts

Attleboro, Mass. – Neighborgoods, a new line of locally grown rare premium cannabis flower, is now available at dispensaries across Massachusetts. Cannabis industry veteran Mike Swartz, Head of Wholesale, leads Neighborgoods’ mission to meet the needs of the community, featuring rare exotics and crowd pleasers.


“Neighborgoods is dedicated to homegrown cannabis goodness for everyone, whether you are into rare finds or daily doses. Every community is different, and Neighborgoods features products selected to delight and surprise our communities,” said Mike Swartz, Head of Wholesale, Neighborgoods.

The Neighborgoods Flower launch will include strains on a tiered level, including Premium, Popcorn and Shake. The current drop of strains include:

Hot Mess (Swamp Thing x Hot Rod) (Indica): Boasting flavors of gas, funk and citrus, these buds are bright green with orange hairs and purple hues, and a diesel-like aroma. When consumed, Hot Mess produces a full-body high that is both sedative and relaxing, helping to relieve stress from the day. This strain is ideal for nighttime use as it is relaxing yet uplifting. Hot Mess is perfect for a weekend movie night as it helps to relieve tension while providing a fun and relaxing high.

Midnight Snack (Sunset Sherbet x Mint Chocolate Chip) (Hybrid): A balanced hybrid strain (50/50 Indica/Sativa) with buds that are airy, forest green, with thin orange hairs and a thick coating of amber trichomes. Known for its delicious fruity flavor, sweet aroma and chocolatey undertone, reminiscent of mint chocolate ice cream. The effects of Midnight Snack are felt almost immediately after inhaling, with a heavy tingling sensation throughout the body. This strain promotes motivation, energy, euphoria, and focus, making it ideal for social and creative activities.

Rollie Pollie (Rollins X White 91) (Hybrid): The aroma of Rollie Pollie is a blend of lemon candy and fresh linen when you first open the jar. As you break it apart, the strong and sweet gas scent becomes more prominent. This hybrid is well-balanced and is a great strain for daily use, whether you’re getting things done around the house or exercising. After consuming, you can expect an uplifting and energizing high that helps relieve stress and alleviate pain.

Truntz (Tropic Truffles X Runtz) (Sativa): The aroma is a blend of sweet berry, mango, and lemon with an earthy undertone. The flavor profile is tropical, citrus, and gas, with a sweet earthy finish on the exhale. Truntz provides an energizing and euphoric high, making it great for boosting creativity and social activities, making it a great daytime strain.

Neighborgoods will soon expand the line with additional exclusive flower drops, pre-rolls, live concentrates and live resin vape cartridges sourced from a single strain using premium whole flower extract and no additives.

Swartz joins Neighborgoods with more than two decades of sales and leadership experience. He entered the cannabis industry in 2020 to lead sales for the launch of LEVIA, the first cannabis beverage in the Massachusetts market. Within six months, LEVIA was the top-selling cannabis beverage in the country and was quickly acquired by AYR Wellness. Following the acquisition, Swartz oversaw sales for AYR’s wholesale portfolio in Massachusetts, the multistate operator’s largest market. Swartz began his career in the advertising technology industry, where he focused on an array of digital media and data platforms, developing solutions for some of the world’s largest brands, including P&G, McDonald’s, The Obama Campaign, Bose and Motorola.

Neighborgoods can be found at dispensaries across Massachusetts.

Neighborgoods: Homegrown Cannabis Goodness

Neighborgoods serves up cannabis for everyone. Whether you’re into regular or rares, you can always count on us for homegrown goodness. Our staples are flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles and concentrates, and we’re always working on extra specials. You’ve got a go-to for everything. Your corner store, date spot–and everything in between–are warm, easy, and open any day. We opened Neighborgoods in 2023 to bring that same spirit to weed: hiring local staff, delivering homegrown specials, and honoring neighborhood favorites. Find us in stores. Continue the conversation on Instagram @NeighborgoodsMass. For more information, visit

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