NFL Veteran Reuben Droughns Reviews Cannabis Products for Lightshade

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DENVER – Lightshade, the premier dispensary chain in Colorado, has partnered with former professional football player, Super Bowl champion and vocal cannabis advocate Reuben Droughns to provide reviews on the variety, benefits and proper use of different cannabis products. “Doobin’ with Reuben” provides crucial information on a wide variety of cannabis products, along with personal insights on uses, quality and effects consumers can expect.

Since his retirement from the NFL in 2009, Droughns has become an outspoken supporter of cannabis consumption for pain management, anxiety relief and relaxation. He publicly acknowledged his use of medicinal cannabis for pain and anxiety during his NFL years and still avidly promotes it today. As an athlete ambassador for the non-profit organization Athletes For Care, Droughns advocates for reform and is one of many former players calling on the league to remove cannabis from its list of banned substances.


“People have a lot of questions about different products, how much to ingest and what to expect when they’re enjoying cannabis,” Droughns said. “I hope my reviews help folks gain the knowledge they need to make the best decisions and that they have fun while watching them, too. We definitely have fun making them.”

The series of  videos are added weekly to the Lightshade website at In addition to providing an education on the different brands and types of products available, Droughns’ reviews will include information on the following:

  1. Cannabinoid levels in milligrams for each product reviewed
  2. Onset time of the product (vape, edible, tincture, etc.) being reviewed 
  3. Effects consumers can expect and some ideal use cases for each product reviewed 
  4. Key takeaways and highlights from the experience

“Not only was Reuben an entertaining athlete on the field, but he’s also an entertaining and informative cannabis connoisseur,” said Lisa Gee, Director of Marketing & CSR, Lightshade. “We know consumers like to research products, and we can’t think of a better way to share our knowledge than through Reuben’s fun, informed videos. He is a true fan of the product and it shows. We think the ‘Doobin’ With Reuben’ series will help consumers know what to expect when they walk into a Lightshade location.”

Droughns’ NFL career began when he was drafted during the 2000 NFL Draft. During his career, he played for four different professional teams, one of which took him to a Super Bowl Victory. 

“Cannabis is a great way for athletes like myself to recover from pain, for help with sleep or just to relax, and I know a lot of other people are curious about how to enjoy cannabis,” Droughns said. “I’m looking forward to telling folks what works, how it works and what they can expect from different products. I hope everyone checks our videos out.”

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