Node Labs Announces Patent-Pending Process and Facility Expansion

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. – Node Labs Inc. a leader in cannabis tissue culture, today announced its patent-pending micropropagation technology. Developed over two years of research, this technology allows Node to produce pathogen-free plantlets at scale without compromising the integrity of the plant. Node also announced the launch of its second facility in California, more than quadrupling the production capacity.

“We are incredibly proud of the work our team has done over the past two years to develop this technology,” said Daniel Adler-Golden, CEO of Node Labs. “By focusing on building an efficient and innovative scientific foundation, we are now able to meet the demand from our customers and throughout the industry.”


Node Labs specializes in cleaning, restoration, and long-term storage of strains for cultivators and breeders. Having eliminated Hop Latent Viroid and Fusarium from sick plants, Node Labs continues to discover, identify, and remediate pathogens from high-value strains for California’s most discerning producers.

With the company’s recent additions of Evan Tenenbaum, Co-founder of RISE Logistics, Luis Mautner of Driscolls Farms, and Jessica Caming of Organa Brands to its leadership team, Node Labs has a combined 100+ years of cultivation and cannabis supply-chain experience, combining the best practices of plant science, craft cannabis, and high-demand agriculture.