RYAH Group Inc Publishes Report on Medical Cannabis Use for Pain

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TORONTO — RYAH Group, Inc. (CSE:RYAH) (“RYAH” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, RYAH Medtech Inc. (“RYAH Medtech”), has published a data report on use of medical cannabis among patients with pain conditions. The data report features insights into the use of cannabis to treat pain conditions by patients within the RYAH Data ecosystem and whether cannabis may be one of the alternative treatment solutions to reduce opioid use-related problems associated with existing treatment options. The publication is based on user feedback provided by more than 40,000 patients that have reported to the RYAH Data ecosystem.

The report provides a breakdown based on patient gender, main conditions related to pain management and corresponding strain types and reveals that pain is one of the top three conditions for medical cannabis treatment within the RYAH Data ecosystem and also seems to be one of the most interesting symptoms for researchers. As of the date hereof, one of the world’s largest clinical trials in cannabis is focused specifically on pain management, and further to RYAH’s recent press release, the RYAH Smart Dry-Herb Inhaler has been selected as the device for such study (with RYAH Medtech recently having completed its initial shipment of RYAH Smart Dry Herb Inhalers and RYAH Cartridges to the U.K. clinic conducting the study).


“The RYAH data report on cannabis use for pain management comes at a turning point as studies on alternatives to opioids in treatment and potential efficacy of chronic pain start to accelerate,” says Gregory Wagner, CEO of RYAH. “The opioid crisis, which began with initially good intentions to more effectively treat pain, created a flood of opioids being prescribed, up from an estimated 70 million prescriptions in the 1990s to more than 255 million by 2012. RYAH is committed to providing the tools needed to effectively monitor and measure dosing in plant-based medicine treatments and to providing data analytics in order for the industry to make more informed decisions around alternative treatments to opioids.”

About RYAH Group Inc.

RYAH Group, Inc. (“RYAH”) is a connected device and big data and technology company focused on valuable predictive analysis in the global medical plant and nutraceutical intake industry. Its robust artificial intelligence platform aggregates and correlates HIPAA-compliant patient data, which is intended to help doctors and patients personalize plant-based treatments to better predict treatment outcomes. The data collection is relevant for clinics, doctors, dispensaries and pharmaceutical companies and licensed processors (LPs) to monitor and manage formulation effects on patients and demographics. With a strong IP portfolio, RYAH gathers deep and insightful data on the complete patient session and formulation life cycle.