Seed & Smith Launches Infused Pre-Roll Product Line

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DENVER — Seed & Smith, Colorado’s leading cultivator, concentrate manufacturer and dispensary dedicated to producing high-quality cannabis, today announced a new line of infused pre-rolls is available at its Louisville and Denver dispensaries.

Each pre-roll includes 1.25g of single-source flower infused with .25g of strain-specific live resin to provide consumers with the ultimate pre-roll experience. Seed & Smith’s infused pre-rolls are packed in premium Zig Zag cones with bamboo tips that deliver a slow, even burn. Current strains available include Lemoon Cake, Midnite, Garlic Road, Super Sour Lemon, Purple Punch and Chem De La Chem, with other strains to roll out in the coming months. Additionally, all Seed & Smith pre-roll products are packaged in recyclable materials.


“Pre-rolls have emerged as one of the most popular product categories on the market, and we are proud to now offer infused options for our more experienced customers,” said Robbie Wroblewski, director of marketing at Seed & Smith. “Our latest product launch addresses the growing consumer demand for infused pre-rolls, and we’re thrilled to share our meticulously cultivated flower with new audiences in Colorado.”

Since 2020, pre-roll sales in leading adult-use states have increased by nearly 39% year-over-year, outpacing total market growth by over 20% according to cannabis data-analytics firm Headset. In the same period, demand for infused products increased by 103%, making it the fastest-growing pre-roll product category

The company’s line of infused pre-rolls are available at Seed & Smith Louisville, located at 1413 Hecla Way, and Seed & Smith Denver, located at 5070 N Oakland Street. Customers in the Denver metropolitan area can also order delivery via doobba. For more information, please visit


Launched in 2014, Denver-based Seed & Smith has honed their craftsmanship and expertise in cannabis cultivation and concentrate manufacturing to become a leader in premium small-batch cannabis. The company is at the forefront of Colorado’s cannabis market, offering meticulously-grown flower and top-tier concentrates using the most sought-after genetics, as well as its revolutionary Seed & Smith DART vape system. Seed & Smith advocates for a culture of transparency in the cannabis industry by offering educational tours of its grow operation, extraction lab and packaging facilities that operate at the highest of industry standards. The people at Seed & Smith embody the active, sustainable and social lifestyle that the brand represents — healthy-minded Coloradians with a passion for community gatherings centered around music, sports and the great outdoors. The company currently operates across two locations: its original Denver store that opened in 2016 and the innovative new Louisville flagship location that opened in August 2021.