Sisu Extracts Becomes a Complete Supply Chain Solution

Humboldt County, Calif.Sisu Extracts, a full-service cannabis extraction company, launched its new wholesale flower department and white labeling department, making the company a complete supply chain solution. With the wholesale flower department, Sisu Extracts is building upon its cultivator-oriented sales model to offer California’s growers even more.

The Company currently produces enough oil to fill up to two million cartridges a month, but they aren’t stopping there. Earlier this month, Sisu Extracts expanded its second location in Eureka, California by 4,800 square feet to make room for the new wholesale flower showroom. The showroom will act as a display for potential wholesale buyers, guaranteeing farmers a home for their materials.


As California’s leading extractor, Sisu has an expansive network of over 200 farmers, with most using the 70/30 split contract to receive 70 percent of Sisu’s distillate profits in exchange for biomass. In addition to purchasing biomass, Sisu is solving another problem for growers who are struggling to house and sell their whole flower.

“Our consistent clean cannabis oils have attracted the business of California’s largest cannabis brands,” said Joe Wynne, Sisu Extracts’ VP of Sales. “These buyers experienced the difference in working with us on oils and cartridges and now want us to source their flower needs as well.”

Sisu Extracts produces 20 percent of the total legal distillate sold in California, and that market share is set to expand. Not only is this major extractor acting as a conduit between the farmer and the buyer, but Sisu is also expanding its new white-labeling department. This department allows brands to enter the California vape market at scale with a high-quality product.

“With our new bulk flower and white-labeling available, we’re well positioned to add serious horsepower to any brand in cannabis,” said John Figueiredo, CEO of Sisu Extracts.

About Sisu Extracts
Sisu Extracts is a full-service business solution offering testing, extraction and wholesale bulk THC distillate through in-house distribution channels. Based in Arcata, California, Sisu Extracts was founded in 2017 by an experienced team of industry veterans with a decade of extraction experience. Within the first season of extraction, Sisu Extracts processed nearly 40 tons of cannabis and created 140 million servings with high potency oils. They are the first permitted volatile extraction plant in Humboldt County and one of the first annually permitted statewide.